Friday, 5 February 2010

IBS article

Control IBS with Proper Diet and Exercise
I thought this was fairly good. Personally though, I find cooked fibres much more troublesome than raw. Soup is a big trigger, but I can eat the same veg lightly cooked or raw e.g lightly cooked leeks, raw greens or carrot. I've found loads of great raw recipes in the KristenRaw, Choosing Raw and the Pure2Raw blogs. These girls are fantastic, they make the healthiest food the tastiest. I hope to try some ideas out at the weekend.
I didn't have a smoothie this morning as I'd had them all week. I had some porridge with my raspberry compote when I got into work, it made a nice change but I'm now convinced smoothies are the best breakfast. I had some soba noodle salad with soy beans and spinach for lunch and a dark chocolate bar, which was delish. I went for a good hard run when I got home and then had quinoa and spring greens barely warmed through with lots of garlic and chilli. So bloody good! I love the taste of quinoa, I could eat it on its own, but then I would say the same about spring greens, so deliciously sweet.


  1. Thanks girl for the shout out! I am so happy that we inspire you to start whipping up some delicious raw foods :) Let us know if you ever have any questions! Take care!
    Pure2Raw Twins

  2. Idk what I think about that article... the overall message is right on... but as soon as they start telling people to stay away from fiber, that's when I get skeptical. I did that, when I first started trying to eat to heal my IBS. And all that happened was I got ridiculously constipated. TMI!!! Sorry. :)

  3. Yes, I also thought I was getting too much so cut down a bit...the end was result was misery and freakyoutiness, I ended up with UC like symptoms and then worst constipation I'd ever had. In fact it's taken me about 5 months to get normal again!

  4. Thanks Twins:) I've got a list of to-try ideas from your blog- number one is the raw sauerkraut- it looks so good!

  5. Hi there! I have a long history of IBS but have managed to control it mostly through IBS and yoga. Drop me an email if you'd like to know more about my journey with IBS. All the best.

    PS I did a degree in theology and religious studies, and like you it changed my way of thinking but did very little for my career! :)