Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Sugar feast, sugar fast

That's me about to chow down a vegan creme egg. The appeal of the creme egg will be well known to British and Irish readers, but not sure they're easy found in the US. They're a thick shelled Cadbury chocolate egg with a fondant filling (dyed white and yellow like an egg). The fondant is probably dairy free, but the choc isn't of course. And Cadbury chocolate, as any European who even vaguely likes chocolate will tell you, is more milk than chocolate. It's also just sold itself to Kraft. Yuck. Anyway, my boyfriend loves a creme egg, and as a treat for going vegan with me, I sourced some vegan ones. And they were better than the Cadbury ones (duh). Here's the filling:

Probably a bit off putting if you're not an egg fan..but they're soooo good. One is definitely the ceiling, sweet and chocolate together...yum..

As yesterday was pancake tuesday, and we reckoned they were better as dessert than dinner, we ate light- just some red cabbage, black beans and a bit of leftover quinoa

The extra space was filled with these pancakes- I made them with wholewheat flour and oat milk, and made a chocolate ganache. This was liberally spread on the pancakes and topped with Swedish Glace Raspberry Ripple and Chocolate, and black cherries. It was super yummy, but my tummy hurt all evening after. It wasn't anything in the food, I just ate too much. So today I went really light, just a little bit of oatmeal and an apple and a kiwi in the afternoon. I was pretty hungry when I got home, so chowed down some toast with homemade very lemony coriander hummus:)
Anyway, after the sugar indulgences of the last few days, I've decided to cut out sugar for the next two weeks. By no sugar I mean no sugar, syrup, agave nectar, maple syrup etc. Also anything with sugar in it, like jam, cake, biscuits, chocolate etc. Although I won't say no to fruit, some fruit juice sweetened jam, or biscuits sweetened with rice malt, or some amazake. Although I know where to get vegan sugar free chocolate, I'm going to give choco a miss too. All this is by way of a clearing out of my system, to give it a rest from stimulants.
Sweet really is the order of the day, check out my guest post on my friend's blog:

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