Sunday, 18 April 2010

Growing and shrinking

It's been a little while since I updated...I've been busy! The nice weather means I haven't been spending much time sitting down with my laptop. I've been doing lot of walking and hanging around at my allotment! I keep forgetting to take photos but will do next week. So far I've planted 3 different types of kale (red russian, curly and cavolo nero), summer purple sprouting broccoli, kabocha and buttercup squash, parsley and french beans. I'm still waiting on seed for yellow and white carrots, peas, ogen and honey sweet melon and cucumbers, as well as some herbs- dill, basil and mint as well as some pot marigold to repel the pests and brighten the patch up. I'm intending to grow some rocket, cut-and-come lettuce and peashoots on my fire escape too. That lot should have me eating pretty well all summer! I'm having vague worries about this volcanic ash blocking all the lovely veggie making sunlight. But hopefully it will calm down and die out quickly.
Another consequence of the good weather has been getting lots of exercise! I go for a run most mornings at sunrise, and then walk to and from work, and maybe another walk in the evening and/or some rooting around at the allotment. It seems to be doing wonders for my digestive transit. One of the basic IBS-C preventatives: get moving!
I didn't get my super-thin running shoes; the company forgot to order my size in. Instead, I spent the money on some girly summery dresses. I'm really happy with my body now, and thought I ought to celebrate that! For the first time in years (actually since I was last vegan), I fit into topshop clothes which I always viewed as a shop for teeny tiny teenage girls. I'm not teeny tiny, but I no longer have big frumpy exagerrated hips. This pleases me immensely:)


  1. Oooooh... thanks for inspiring all of us to get out and workout! All you gotta do is pair those two words: running and skinny. It's also great to hear that your tum is doing well.

    Can you really see all the ash in the sky there? That's scary. I hope it stops soon. I bet your veggies are still getting a little sunlight. It's amazing how much they can weather.

  2. I'm commenting AGAIN! I don't care! hahaha.

    So I've been sick for days. Today, I spent over an hour at the gym. Then when I went to eat my saurkraut, lentil sprouts, and hummus lunch, I didn't get sick AT ALL. I even had a little carob for dessert!!!

    Thanks for the tip about exercise! It's SO TRUE!

  3. It definitely is true, as I found out this week- I hurt my shoulder at the end of last week and it hurts SO BAD when I run. I'm quite anti-painkiller but was so sore I had to take ibuprofen :( Even then every time I breathed when running I was gasping with pain. So I did very little exercise this week (that's a lie, an hour's brisk walking everyday but the high-octane stuff seems to make a real difference) and of course got constipated. Just in from a day digging over my parent's garden, so loads of exercise! It should definitely get me moving again. It's really hard to get back to exercise when you stop for a while, I love how I feel during my 6am runs when the sun is just up and no-one else is around, but the first time back at it, it's such a battle getting out of bed. I need to do another post!

  4. No! Less dresses, more vibram.