Thursday, 1 July 2010

Colour returns

This was breakfast this morning: spelt muesli, soy yogurt and a big heap of berry compote. Gluten is still keeping a low profile in my diet, but this stuff is super tasty, so I make the odd exception. However bread and pasta just won't go through my digestive system without kicking up a storm. I have had a few slices of bread over the last few weeks, usually when I'm not in my own house and I'm hungry. It always upsets my tummy for a couple of days.
In general I'm not eating much grain- instead I've been subbing them for lentils or beans to keep my fibre and protein intake nice and high.
Exercise has been super fun lately- I've added some strength training (hence the extra protein) and have been enjoying some long runs, and getting back into swimming. I ordered a new bicycle today! An entry level road bike so I can train properly for the tri in September. I haven't had a bike since October 2008, when my six month old bike was stolen from the carpark at work:( Along with my bike, I'm getting a swimming wetsuit to get out into the sea more. I had a nice sheltered sea swim last weekend. Mixing it up is such a great way to keep exercise from turning into a chore.

However, a few things have happened lately (not always to me) that make me really despair of the world we live in- why is it that some men think that a woman out getting some exercise, minding her own business, is fair game for unsolicited attention, wolf-whistles, cat calls, feeling up....yuck. Seriously. While I do get nervous sometimes, there's no way I'm changing my preferred workout or choice or clothing in case I might attract the attentions of some idiot with his brain rerouted through his you know whats. What really galls me is that if I was a guy, I wouldn't be typing this. Anyone else experience this sort of crap?


  1. Nice job sticking to the diet - you are fortunate that it's so easy to see gluten as a problem, and that you can have it or not without too much difficulty.

    I hear ya about the cat calls. Although nobody cat calls at my gym, I get lots of stares and looks. It's annoying, to say the least.

    Funny story - a baseball game was on at the gym. My dad comes in (we go to the same gym) and starts watching it with a group of guys. He and one guy start talking about the game. I'm on the elliptical behind them, thinking: Hey Dad, while you're at it, tell that guy to stop looking at my ass all the time!

  2. Hey there, gluten does seem to be evil for a lot of IBS sufferers. My friend's just been diagnosed with IBS and so is giving the gluten-free diet a go.

    Sorry to hear about the rubbish attention on runs. Sometimes it feels like women can't even walk down the street without getting attention!

    Btw, thanks for having my blog, Sustaining Health Holistically, on your blog roll, I really appreciate it. I haven't done anything with it in a while as I've moved to, including all the content from Sustaining Health Holistically :)