Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Clean burning fuel- wholefood snacking and millotto recipe

My main meals are the formula that seems to work best for me- a fruit based breakfast with some grain thrown in (usually oats), a vegetable-based lunch and a gluten free grain and vegetable dinner. Earlier in the year, before I started training and when I was trying to lose weight, I didn’t snack (except maybe for a piece of fruit). I now find snacking pretty essential to performance. I suppose my lunches have gotten a little smaller but I snack usually twice a day now, sometimes 3. I find eating small and often ensures better performance in training and pain free digestion. The more I train, the more I can’t stand processed foods, I snack more on ‘wholefoods’- less chocolate, oatcakes, PB and usually a mix of nuts, seeds and fruit. There are some habits I need to kick for my stomach’s sake. I like something sweet after dinner, and HB almost always puts out a big stack of digestive biscuits in the evening, I usually eat about 3, he can get through 8 without it bothering his stomach or making him gain weight. My other issue is drinking too much coffee. I’ve had a really acidy stomach for the last few days (something I used to get more often but now happens maybe twice a year). It affects my sleep, so I’m tired, so I drink coffee, which is bound to make it worse. I’m going to give it a rest of a couple of days and switch to peppermint and nettle tea.

Recent dinners:
Carrot, celery and lemon soup with socca

Millotto- millet, onion, garlic, peppers, spinach and rocket cooked like risotto, 2 tablespoons of Brendan Brazier’s creamy cayenne tahini dressing stirred in at the end (makes a nice sub for the lemon juice and cream I would have stirred in pre-vegan days) and topped with sesame nooch ‘cheese’. Makes a nice change from short grain brown rice (I hate the white stuff anyway).

It’s HB’s birthday at the weekend so I’m having a little dinner party on Friday night. Have to decide what to make!


  1. I find eating smaller meals helps with performance too. Anything to help with digestion is welcomed.
    Pure2raw twins

  2. This sounds interesting.
    Have never tried Nettle tea

  3. Hi Haddock,
    Nettle tea is great, very good for you (lots of iron so ideal for anyone who does a lot of high impact exercise like running). You can buy it in tea bags, but it's even better (not to mention free) if you make it with fresh nettles (which you can pick all year round for tea, spring is best for eating). Just chuck a bunch in some water and simmer for 10 minutes or so. If you keep it in a thermos you have hot nettle tea all day, although you can drink it cold too.

  4. I'm definitely one for little and often when it comes to food and my stomach. I easily snack 3 times a day. I also get acid stomach from coffee even though I usually only have one cup in the morning. This week I haven't had any (because of recent glutening) and I don't miss it but I have found that without it the old BMs aren't as regular. Sometimes there's no winning! Hope you have a great birthday weekend xxx

  5. Yeh, that's why I don't want to give coffee up. But my stomach has been sore for 6 days now, starting to get a bit peeved! I have cut down my coffee drinking this week but it hasn't made much difference.

  6. Love that name Millotto!!! So cute!!!

    I'm in the same boat with the caffeine addiction. Right now, I'm aggin' on 2 hours of sleep. :( One thing that's helped is making the switch from coffee to chocolate, and then to cacao. I know that sounds absolutely crazy. But it's definitely helped the stomach.

  7. While the coffee mightn't have helped the acidy stomach, I don't think it caused it, and I think coffee actually helps my IBS issues. It cures my constipation like nothing else can. I find plenty of fibre+lots of water+caffeine is the only combo that works and eliminating any of them from the equation means bloat. Chocolate does sometimes upset my guts, although I love it:) I've cut down my consumption quite a bit (from pretty much every day to once or twice a week).