Friday, 8 October 2010

First Week Back Over

I got my first week back over with, the week sure does go in quickly when you're working! I am pretty tired this evening though.
I haven't had anything more than trace gluten this week and in the last day or two my tum has settled down. The only annoying this is October is the month where it is really dark in the morning for getting up for work. At least when the clock changes at the end of the month it'll be bright again for a little while. I find it *really* hard to get up in the dark!

After hearing from my doc that my serum ferritin (iron stores) were low, I got my haemoglobin tested at work (I work in the Blood Transfusion service here in Northern Ireland) and it's very good (13.7g/dL, normal range 12-15). My iron stores could have always been low, or they could be going down because I'm not eating enough iron, not absorbing enough or losing blood. In any case, it's not a bad enough situation to start taking iron tablets at the strength normally given for full blown anemia (when iron stores are low AND haemoglobin drops below 12g/dL). I'm seeing a GI doctor in two week's time, so if there's any malabsorption or GI bleeding that should be found out pretty soon. I'm just going to make sure in the mean time I'm eating plenty of iron rich foods- pulses, brassicas, pumpkin seeds, quinoa and amaranth.

I got all my other results today, except the celiac screen. My B12 and folate levels are normal, and my thyroid function is normal too. Yay! My vegan supplement (contains B12, all the B vitamins and folate and also iodine and vitamin D and selenium) is doing a good job.

I made my buckwheat pancakes (I omit the egg white, add one flaxmeal egg, and use soya milk) and used them for lunches and dinners this week.

Buckwheat pancake with nut burger and beetroot, orange pepper and romaine salad (hemp oil and apple cider vinegar dressing)

Pancake sandwich with refried beans and guacamole, and leftover salad.

Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. Buckwheat truly does make the best pancakes! You sound well. Glad to hear you are on the mend!!!