Thursday, 30 December 2010

Squeezing in a last 2010 post

After a two week break, I'm popping by for a quick update before the new year. It takes up so much time digging yourself out every morning, and now trying to organise getting water supplies between home time and nine in the evening. My kitchen bench is covered in bottles of water filled when the tap comes on, and the bathroom floor is the same, containers for hand washing and teeth brushing, and another for toilet flushing. Phew!
I haven't got back into working out, the weather's been odd and I daren't risk getting all sweaty in case there's not enough water for a shower before I go to work. Instead I've just been enjoying the holiday season, although I haven't overindulged to my usual degree(!)

I was off work today (and half day tomorrow, woohoo) and had my follow up appointment with the dietitian. I told her I was really very pleasantly surprised with how much better I have been feeling, and she said my tum probably just needed a break, and she says it's time to very slowly reintroduce my old favourites like brown rice, apples with skins on. To celebrate, I bought plenty of salad leaves and some of my favourite apples. I spent aaaages picking apples today!! I settled on little Empires and some delicious Egremont Russets.

Anyway, bed calls as I have an early start tomorrow.
So I will leave with my new year's resolutions:

Get back into regular working out- 2 runs and 2 swims a week seems reasonable, at least to start with.

Feed the birds. I went out and bought lots of bird seed and fat balls, and replaced some broken feeders

Get back into the way of baking my own (sourdough) bread, now that I'm eating it again

Make a delicious cake once a month on the date we (my boyfriend and I) got together (19th). We're together two years now, so cake will keep things sweet:) We're going to Edinburgh for a couple of days at the end of January to celebrate.

Work on my impatience.

Paint my nails and have a nice bath more often.

Enter and complete some sort of race

Try to keep a lid on the clutter in my house...

Until next year:)

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  1. Happy New Year! And great resolutions.

    I've started trying out a dairy-free/mostly vegan, low-fibre diet and so far it's working well! Gluten doesn't seem to be the problem- wholegrains do. Woo woo!

    Anyway, hope 2011 is a great one for you xxx