Sunday, 16 January 2011

Scrapping Around

As yesterday was symptom free, I decided to skip the bland for lunch today (after a porridge brekkie).
But first, an appetite had to be summoned, so we took advantage of the first bright day in way too long and went on a new walk, somewhere we'd never heard of never mind been too until this morning, and yet just under 2 miles from where we live. Looking at the photos now, though, the sun was really weak. Typical January 'sunny' day in Northern Ireland...

I found the walk on the
WalkNI website, lots of good ideas there.

View over Belfast
(I'd need a proper camera for you to be able to make anything out...)

When we got in I was craving soup for lunch, but didn't want to make plain vegetable soup with the veggies I'd bought, as that's for soup during the week (and I knew my boyfriend would eat the entire pot) so I decided to see what else I had to use up. In went a red onion I'd forgotten about, the last two cloves on some garlic in the fridge, two carrots, a small bunch of collard greens, lots of dried herbs and paprika, a packet of passata, a tin of borlotti beans I've had for ages and some broken up spaghetti from two packets that didn't have enough left in for a serving. I finished the soup with lots of fresh lemon juice and parsley which made it amazing. It was basically a cheaty minestrone. While it was bubbling away, I threw together some herbes de provence scones (biscuits to you Americans) to go with the soup. I had my scone with the last bit of some goat's cheese and some fig relish from the delicatessan. My Dad calls this type of eating 'scrapping around', but it always produces the best meals. Yum!

Stone soup

Super white goat's cheese

Scone/cheese/relish mess

Big bowl of roasty toasty zingy lemony soup

Lunch is served. Although soup and a scone isn't a traditional sunday dinner, I was as full as if I'd eaten one. As predicted though, he went back for another bowl (and his first was bigger than mine). Amazingly, there's still a more modest lunch sized portion left, which can be filled out with the leftover scones.
Hope you all had a lovely weekend:)

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