Saturday, 23 April 2011

Busy enjoying spring

At least that's my excuse for not posting for two weeks!
Last time, I was just about to do my first 10k, which was an absolute scorcher of a day. I did the race in 51:29 which I was pretty pleased with in that heat. We have no photos, sorry!

This week has been a bit crazy food wise, too much ice-cream and chocolate! I have had some tasty, healthy food in between.

Pre race dinner:

Salmon, kale, potatoes

Italian desserts made by our friends and sold at the farmer's market (flourless chocolate and rum for me, blueberry olive oil cake for him, plain yogurt)

Pre race brunch- organic sausages, leftover potatoes and kale

Dinner- organic ham hock soup

Roast lemony chicken, turnip mashed with kale and some coconut milk

Salmon and parsley en papillotte with roasty potatoes and steamed cabbage

Goat cheese duck egg omelette with roast broccoli

Homemade organic garlicky herby lamb burgers with collards in balsamic and soy sauce, lots of yummy black olives

Organic rump steak, onion and collard stirfry with the same balsamic+soy sauce combo

We have had lovely weather here, really very warm, like a summer's day in mainland Europe! Speaking of mainland Europe, we've organised our holiday, we're going to Andalucia in Spain for 11 days, but not until early September. Anyway, something to look forward to, and the weather's great here at the moment.
As well as walking, I've been doing lots of bodyrock, and this week I managed my first ever regular chin up! So happy:)

I'll be back later this weekend with a post about IBS and how I got around mine.
I'm away out for a walk in the sun!


  1. Wow you're going meat crazy! Did you cook all this stuff? It looks so professional! You should start a bidness. Love the look of that omelete! I imagine it was creamy and tart and filling.

    How crazy is Bodyrock? OMG!!!

    Looking forward to your IBS post. :-)

  2. Yes, just a bit crazy! I find, as lovely as lots of veggies are, if I'm ditching the rice/noodles/pasta, I need protein to replace those carbs at every meal to fill me up. Yup, all home cooked. I get it from a few local organic meat farm. Honestly not that difficult, I roast chickens and the like in my le creuset, and the burgers were just ground lamb and some herbs mixed in, shaped and baked, and the stirfry was just a rump steak cut up and stirfried with the veggies. Actually haven't found it takes any more time to cook, although we now have more dishes to wash as my boyfriend is vegetarian, poor guy, it took some getting used to for him!
    Have you looked into Bodyrock? It's totally transformed how I work out, and I'm getting seriously strong. My arms look visibly different, and I've only been doing the workouts regularly for a few weeks!!