Monday, 25 April 2011


What an earth would make me want to inflict a month of strict paleo on myself?

Possibly eating one of those in one day, right? (last year's pic, I ate this year's bunny before I had a chance to snap him..)

Really ever since the 10k two weeks ago, my 'treats' have gotten a little out of control, with ice-cream or chocolate almost every day. I'm going away next weekend, so strict paleo (no sugar, dairy etc) would be tricky. For that reason, I won't be doing anything drastic until 2nd May. I need a wee bit of a recalibration but I haven't decided yet how far this is going to go. Certainly it will mean no grains, legumes, no sugar, no alcohol, no chocolate, and while my dairy consumption has been going down since earlier in the year, I'm not sure yet how much I'm going to restrict it. If I cut it completely for a month, then I'll be doing Whole30. However, I'm clinging on to cheese at the moment. It is only 30 days though, it's not like I'd suffer that much, there are people out there with a lot more pressing concerns. So, I will think about it a few days and then blog next sunday about what I'm going to be giving up food wise.

What I did see on the Whole9 site that I loved and thought I need to do, is the 30 day no TV challenge. I waste way too much time watching TV in the evenings, and May is such a nice month here, so I'm going to forego TV, cut way back on my internet time and spend the month of evenings outside reading in the park, getting to bed at a more reasonable hour, and keeping on top of the housework during the week. It probably means I won't be blogging much, but I will check in on my favourite blogs and sites (Bodyrock of course) and do essential stuff (online banking), restricting my total online time to no more than half an hour a day. I'm going to keep an offline diary and will blog the 'highlights' when the month is up.

I love challenging myself- I need to feel like I'm improving myself. And I just started to feel a bit uncomfortable with the amount of time I was wasting and the amount of sugar I'm eating again- I felt so horrible after eating that entire bunny over the course of the day. I think this coming month is going to have its tough moments, but I've chosen a pretty easy time of year to do it.

Do you like challenging yourself and making lots of resolutions? Do you periodically go 'cold turkey' on certain things?
Or do you prefer to implement changes gradually?
Should I do Whole30 properly or be a bit less strict with dairy (i.e., yogurt and cheese twice a week at most or something similar)?

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