Sunday, 24 January 2010

Vegan for two weeks

It is going so well. The background is I'm food-mad, vegetarian, philosophy makes me think a lot (duh) and dairy was making me sick. No brainer really.
Cooking tasty food hasn't been an issue at all. We've had delicious salads, stew, hummus, oat milk smoothies, peanut butter toast, chocolate wacky cake and marmalade flapjack.
I still haven't worked out good alternative to wool that's dressy ( I don't mind wearing fleece at the weekends and around the house). I sit most of the day in work and my circulation isn't great so I like to dress in warm clothes but that look dressy. I think I'll email my Vegan Pledge mentor to see what she thinks.
My boyfriend has been veganising with me and also feels so much healthier and alert. It's great!
In tandem with going vegan I've given up the pill as I don't want to be on it forever and I've already been taking it on and off for 7 years. I'm hoping going vegan and taking chasteberry tincture and a B vitamin complex will help with the cramps.
Aside from the vegan thing, my weight had been creeping up a bit recently and I had been trying to eat less fat and smaller portions. Nothing really happened until I went vegan, I've lost 3.5kg in two weeks. I think it's more to do with eating food that kept me fuller longer, my chronic dairy-induced constipation clearing up and having more energy so doing more exercise. Another 2.5kg and I'll be at my ideal. Once that happens the plan is to make sure I don't lose any more but also do more exercise to keep my muscles busy.


  1. Hey girl. Congrats on being vegan! I hope it continues to make you feel better!

  2. Thanks- it's definitely been great so far:)