Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Darn wheat

My tummy was crampy today because after my run last night I was so hungry that I thought soup wouldn't be enough, so I made pancakes with white flour and soya milk. Either the wheat or the amount of soya has upset me (although I'm strongly guessing the former as I've had similar amounts of soya recently with no ill effects).
So I just had fruit, some oat and fruit muesli and soup by itself until dinner time, and then I had a brown rice risotto, so hopefully tomorrow I'll be a bit better. At least it's nothing like the cramping and gas I had with dairy. My constipation hasn't totally cleared up, despite the fact I drink at least 2 litres of water a day on top of lots of herbal tea (and some ordinary tea), usually don't eat anything other than fruit before lunch and base the rest of my meals on veggies, pulses, tofu and wholegrains like quinoa and brown rice. So I'm going to coax myself to get a colonic.
Ok, so today wasn't brilliant, but that's because I've been used to feeling so great lately. Running again feels amazing, although I didn't go tonight, just resting up a bit as I'm hoping to do plenty of exercise at the weekend- weeding my allotment, a hike in the Mournes and a run or two.

Enjoying my breakfast (you can so tell I don't like getting up in the dark)- a raspberry banana smoothie with almond rice milk and oats (more of a "thickie" than a smoothie)

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  1. Smart choice with the rice... it is an amazing, healing food. Btw. I read recently in "Nutrition Action" magazine that water doesn't help constipation. I don't know what to think about this... because I swear, when I drink lots of water, it helps. But that's what they say. The magazine is published by a pretty reputable source... a team of nutritionists and scientists in DC. They are, however, not vegan. So can we really listen to them? HA! Just kidding. :)