Sunday, 14 February 2010

V day feast!

After our weeding and chocolate choc and toast snack, we did some reading/study and then some hard indoor pedalling on our exercise bikes. Appetite worked up, we sat down to our V day feast:
Brooklyn Pad Thai from Isa Chanda Moskowitz's Vegan with A Vengeance. This was so good. I just made half the recipe, which is easiest, as you can't do more than two helpings of noodles in the pan. I didn't use beansprouts- I used broccoli instead which I boiled with the noodles. I also used udon noodles as I had them anyway. They worked quite well:) The only things in the recipe I didn't halve were the dried chillis, lemongrass and garlic, they're too yummy to lose out on. So the red theme continued (vaguely) with lots of chilli, it was hot, I used very hot hot sauce. Yum.
I had intended to make brownies for dessert, but having leftover almond pulp earlier in the week I made flapjacks and didn't want to bake again- there isn't enough of us to chow it down! So I just whipped up some chocolate sauce and heated up some frozen cherries, and we had sundaes, with Swedish Glace chocolate and raspberry varieties and some dairy free "Whizzers" chocolate beans on top:) Not red, ok, but pink! Also a legitimate Valentine's colour- and chocolate is a must on V day, this was our second dose of the day!

We rounded off with a little glass of wine, which has become a really rare treat for us. We're both pretty stuffed and now I have to get back on the greens'n'grains straight and narrow. But it's fun to go mad every now and again!

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  1. Errrrthang in moderation. That's right. Isa knows what's up huh? :) Happy Valentine's day to you and your man.