Sunday, 14 February 2010

Naughty Valentine's day...

Mmm, red is the colour of lurrve. So I had the last of my raspberry compote on my pinhead (steel cut) oat porridge and I had a jar of nearly finished peanut butter so I scraped it out on to my porridge to use it up. YUM. That was weeding fuel, as we then went down to our new allotment. We got nearly a third of it completely weeded, but my hands were extremely painful after, so much so I was nearly sick. Two hours later and my fingertips are still on funny. As we got in the door, I had hot chocolate on the brain, when Eamonn asked if I had tried making vegan..."hot chocolate" we both said! So I put two cups of almond hazelnut rice milk in a saucepan, warmed it up and then added 60g grated chocolate (I chopped it finely with a knife as a cheese greater didn't seem a good thing to handle with numb fingers!) and 2 tsp cocoa powder. It was really good, really rich:) We continued the red theme with some red pepper hummus- sounds weird with hot chocolate, but I was hungry after that weeding!

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