Saturday, 13 February 2010

Valentine's treats and more greens'n'grains

This was breakfast/lunch on friday, when I was off. It's just sauteed kale (in a little hemp oil) with some pre-cooked barley chucked in at the end to warm it up, and a toasted sesame and umeboshi dressing. Despite being so simple, it was very good, and I was chuffed with myself for eating something so wholesome, so chuffed, in fact, that I treated myself to a little marmalade flapjack...ahem. The recipe is Dan Lepard's, and I added in some almond pulp left over from making milk, and used blackstrap molasses instead of black treacle. I used homemade grapefruit marmalade that has very chunky but very tender strips of fruit in it. The almond pulp made them more cakey, which I prefered, although they're very rich, so much so that half a one feels more like eating two flapjacks...

That's them after they came out of the oven. I was tempted while out shopping to buy crimson raisins to make these, but resisted the splurge as I had ordinary raisins in the cupboard. I'm trying not to spend *all* my money on food...
We decided to exchange Valentine's presents early chez moi, although we will be having a Valentine's supper tomorrow evening, after weeding the allotment. I'm planning Pad Thai noodles and cherry raspberry chocolate sundaes.

I got Plamil ginger chocolate, a mini hot water bottle to take with me to work to ease my cramps now that I'm foresaking painkillers(gush- I love how he supports my choices:)), a new piggy torch (I had the same for a year and broke it two weeks ago) and Costieres de Nimes, which we are enjoying a glass of this evening:)
I cooked japanese tonight:

I love soba noodles, they're such a treat- these are the Clearspring all soba variety. I just had a little helping as I'm trying to cut down on breads, noodle and pastas, and other floury things. So I helped myself to plenty of savoy cabbage and edamame, just briefly boiled and coated in ume-sesame dressing. The dip is shoyu, mirin and spring onion, and a little sprinkle of toasted sesame oil on the noodles.

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