Friday, 12 February 2010

PMS Survival kit

I've been taking the agnus castus tincture in water most mornings since I got it, maybe two weeks ago. It tastes kind of odd, but not nasty. Anyway, cramps kicked in yesterday afternoon, although they were weaker than usual, so I booked the next day off work and started drinking the raspberry leaf tea, which is really nice. I was craving sweetie, fatty crap all day, but I resisted, except for a little bit of raw dark chocolate in the evening. So today I'm off, I had a good night sleep, I have some mild cramping, but not enough to stop me enjoying my day off. I wasn't expecting to go pain free straight away, but the dietary changes, the agnus castus and raspberry leaf tea are all working well enough to keep me away from artificial hormones and painkillers. Yay!
Last night I cooked a big pot of barley to last a few meals (it's now in a big box in the fridge). I had it after choir last night with some wilted kale. Kale is so tasty, I love that cruciferous taste, it's super charged in kale!

PMS/Dysmenorrhea Survival kit:
Vegan diet based on fruit, vegetables, whole grains and some nuts/seeds
Agnus castus tincture (10 drops twice a day in water)
Raspberry leaf tea
Hot water bottle/hot cherry stone bag
Big fleecy blanket and/or big sloppy jumper (sweater)
A day off work
A sneaky bit of chocolate or raspberry beer...mmmm

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