Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Getting back on track

Isn't this so scary? I realised after reading this that the odd time I've bought African food, usually green beans or squash, but now I've realised I probably shouldn't- it's almost certain that no African gets the profit...except may be the rich Ethiopian-born Saudi business man. Imagine exploiting the very country that bore you...anyway, the whole thing really made me realise just what a ethical mine field food choices can be, it's been Fairtrade Fortnight here too, and even the merits of Fairtrade have been brought into doubt by some people. Every mouthful has an effect on at least some person or animal. It makes me feel pretty guilty that my tummy problems are usually down to overeating when for most people in the world, the problem is not getting enough to eat....

Things are going well though, I have been walking to and from work and walking on my lunch break as it's really sunny and clear and I'm lapping it up while it lasts. The increased daylight has done wonders for my mood, which in turn has made my tummy feel better. Still eating too much sugar, but I've haven't binged in the last few days, so I hope I'm getting things under control.
Dinner tonight was some tasty olive, caper and tomato sauce on collard greens and a little pasta, although I'd have been happy with the collards alone; I rolled up the leaves perpendicular to the stalk (after I cut it out if it was very thick) so the strips were really long, like collard spaghetti!!

I have started drinking more coffee though...nothing obsessive, two large mugs a day, tops. Still, I will probably get bored in a couple of weeks and cut way back, and then in a few weeks or months I'll be drinking it again like it's going out of fashion. I used my electric handblender to foam up my soya milk, instead of buying a dedicated milk foamer. It totally worked! In fact it was a bit too foamy...

The coolest thing I've read in the blog world today was Heather Eats Almond Butter's Coconut Butter. I've never seen coconut butter for sale here, so I think this would be fun to try making, not to mention tasty to eat! Mm, I like coconut. I made a collard and noodle coconut soup at the weekend, which I topped off with some tofu. It had loooads of ginger, chilli and lemongrass in it. Basically I just chopped up those with some garlic and onion, sauteed over a low heat until soft, then stirred in 1 tablespoon of crushed coriander seeds and some turmeric. In went the collards and the cooked noodles, then 2 cups of water and a can of coconut milk. I would have put some fresh coriander but I couldn't find it in the shop.

I really should eat out of a different bowl every now and again!

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