Saturday, 6 March 2010

Happy tummy dinner!

After two weeks of craziness, my tummy was rattled, but I'm still feeling fragile, so don't want to go to hard on myself. Therefore dinner needs to be healing but comforting. And for me that means greens. And sprouts are my favourite. And the comfort? Those dry black olives. I think they're fabulous with brussel sprouts, I suppose they make a very decent substitute for anchovies. I had my sprouts and olives with some green beans and a small amount of wholewheat pasta (maybe a 1/2 cup cooked) just to bump up the brain-soothing tryptophan without stressing my guts. I flavoured it all with plenty of garlic, nutritional yeast and some sundried tomatoes and a little oregano. My tummy has not rebelled, if it's going to get bad, it usually starts by the time I've finished eating. So hooray! Dessert was black tea with a fair dose of soya milk and a little Starbucks gingerbread syrup. Quite like chai, with the emphasis more on sweet than on spicy. This has put me in a good enough mood to meet up with some friends later this evening. Normally I try to avoid going out to pubs in this country if I'm not drinking because it's just so engrained in the whole experience. It's hard to get a decent alcohol free drink that's not some overly sugary unethically produced fizz. That said, I think I might kick back a little and stretch to a ginger beer. Enjoy the rest of the weekend:) And special thanks to Farty Girl for getting me to post again!


  1. Thanks for the shout out!!!

    It's amazing how long it takes for our guts to bounce back, isn't it??? Two weeks. That's absurd. It really says something about the quality of food that is available for us today. Your ability to get back on track is inspiring... It is SO hard to ignore those sugar cravings and to eat light. Good luck getting better!

  2. I suppose if your digestive transit is at all messed with by one episode it just takes so long for the balance to re-establish, that's what I feel is happening anyway!