Saturday, 6 March 2010

Two steps foward one step back

I was going so well for the last 2-3 months, but things have taken a backward slide in the last two weeks. I've been eating more chocolate, bicuits and sugar in my coffee than I had been, and I've sat down to some big plates of dinner a couple of times too. All of which have contributed to havoc in the bowel department and my mood is pretty crap too. Still, I am surprised that my skin has stayed clear, although all those cakes have found their way onto my hips, and I've put a kilo back on (I think, it's hard to gauge weight gain when you're constipated too...).
As bad an idea it was for my tummy, I made killer vegan burgers last night. I cooked 1 cup red lentils and maybe 1/4 cup oatmeal chucked in, and whizzed up some turnip, kale, onion, celery and garlic in the food processor until finely chopped. I mixed everything up with 1/2 cup of gram flour and 1/2 cup of rolled oats, 1/3 cup nutritional yeast, 1 tsp each dried rosemary and oregano and 2 tsp of smoked paprika as well as two tbsp of tomato paste. I shaped the mix into patties and dipped them in gram flour before frying and finishing in the oven. There was loads of mix left, so I shaped it all into burgers and froze them for another time. I had a rather upset stomach all evening and most of today, so I ate very little; a bit of oatmeal, an apple, licorice tea, a few oatcakes and I had a coffee too...hehe. Feeling a little easier now, but I know if I eat anything substantial I'll be set off again. I'm quite hungry now, but can't decide what to eat.
I think the problem is that the sweetie stuff I've been eating has made me overeat, and when I eat anything high fibre, it just sits in my gut which has been made lazy by the slow-moving low fibre sugariness. I probably need to just keep the oatmeal and apple until I'm right as rain again, almost like clearing the decks!
No photos of food as I haven't really been taking time over any preparation. Normal blog service will resume soon, promise! I guess I'm still recovering from the loss of my aunt.

On a happier note, I booked my summer holiday! I'm going walking in the Lot Valley, just north of Toulouse. I'm going in mid-May, so not that long to wait! I think the break and all that walking will do me the world of good. France can be a bit of a pain for vegans, further complicated by having to walk with all my belongings, so I have to pack light. I'm up for the challenge though- tasty, healthy, portable vegan food. Now it's time to make dinner before I take a bite out of my computer! Then it's off out to the pub, but it'll be ginger beer and water for me. Unless I can think of a healthy mocktail:)

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  1. This blog really makes me think that we have the same tummy problems going on. I feel like I know EXACTLY what you are talking about... with the upset, having to eat light, feeling like if you don't, another upset will happen.

    I'm so so so sorry to hear about your loss. Heartache and stress definitely make the tummy act out. Maybe you will feel better when you find some emotional solace and have time to grieve. Hang in there, and you will get through it!