Monday, 3 May 2010

Upping the mileage

The Hare's Gap seen from Meelmore Lodge

My legs are definitely earning their keep at the moment...
I spent sunday in the Mournes, all on track I hadn't been on before. Starting at Meelmore Lodge, we went up the Trassey Track to the Hare's Gap, then along the Brandy Pad to the saddle between Donard and Commedagh, then we followed the wall over Slieve Commedagh, Slieve Corragh and Slievenaglogh. I LOVE the Mournes, and the Mourne Wall is easily my favourite manmade feature in Northern Ireland. It is so striking to see this solid boundary snaking up over the rugged, higgedly piggedlyness of the mountains. Being inside the walls makes me feel free rather than closed in, empowered and strong rather than 'safe' or locked in.

View of Bearnagh from Slieve Corragh (look at how steep the wall is here!)
Hb and I got up on the wall on the coll between Corragh and Commedagh
Weird crater-like depression on the top of Commedagh. Look at those lovely misty mountains across the way.
Summit of Slieve Commedagh

It was a mostly cloudy day, with some sun breaking out, some drizzly showers, and one almighty downpour just as we got back to the Trassey Track. I didn't really start enjoying the day until I started the steep ascent up Commedagh, and then it was over too soon. The wall is the best guide you can have in the Mournes, all my best walks have been when I've kept close to it. The Brandy Pad was rather dull and very worn. The views from Commedagh (especially over to my favourite peak, Bearnagh) were stunning.
We had bananas, grapes, bread and hummus at the Donard/Commedagh saddle and stopped for a cup of tea and a little something sweet before the drive home. For dinner, we had a big pile of pasta and veggies (carrots, collards and tomatoes)- I was hungry!

Today, I went home to see my family, and went for a 7 mile/11k ish run. It took me exactly an hour, and was the longest run I've done in forever, the longest I've done this year before that was 4 miles. I had a medjool date and banana and strawberry smoothie as a post-run refuel and had a hummus, rocket and bread lunch later. This evening I had a bowl of savoury oats with carrot lime salad, hummus and toasted seeds:

It was delish! I love oats:)
I'm really whacked now after that activity-filled weekend! So I'm going to get an early night. This week will be all about the allotment and last minute holiday prep.


  1. WOW!!! Those pictures are beautiful! When can I come visit? :) I've dreamed since childhood of seeing places like that in person. You are so lucky to be so close to such history! :)

    Oats, salad, and hummus? Oh, this I must try. :)

    Btw what does HB stand for?

  2. The textures are great, crunchy carrots, soothing oats, creamy hummus. HB stands for honeybee, which is what I call my man:)
    If you're ever back in the UK, do make a stop in wee Norn Iron (northern ireland)!