Saturday, 24 July 2010

Hello from the Dingle Peninsula

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I'm in Dingle! It's a village on one of the 'fingers' that sticks out of the south west of Ireland. I have been coming here most summers for half my life. It's a great spot, rugged, mountainous, coastal and warmer than the rest of Ireland (that doesn't really say very much, but hey, every degree matters to us here)

Dingle is where I'll be doing the tri in September. Today I called in with the lady who organises the tris. She did her first in 2002 and now organises them! I just love the spirit of this event and think it'll be the perfect first triathlon for me, especially since it takes place in a part of the world that's more or less a second home to me. While in town, I did some shopping; I got fruity porridg oats, quinoa, oat groats, soy yogurt and milk, nooch, hummus and LOTS of veggies.

Foodwise, things have been a real mix. I had two sandwiches for the journey down. It was very flax heavy bread and doesn't seem to have done me much damage. We ate out the night I arrived, I just got salad, courgettes, beans and hot berries. All that veg meant things moved pretty quickly the next day...
Today, I had porridge with a banana mixed in for brekkie, which I thought was a bit meh. I had rocket, green beans, pepper and lots of hummus and some seeds for lunch which was ok, although I had a few oatcakes with PB and jam for dessert. I then waited around before getting active. After exercise, I had a mix up of everything, black eye beans, brown rice, broccoli, leeks, tomato, pepper and lots of nooch. A very unphotogenic heap of easy digested carbs, protein, vits and minerals. Ugly but yummy.

Today I did a bit of everything: I swam about 500m in the sea, against the tide first and then with it. It was so weird with a wetsuit! My legs wouldn't stay in the water. It didn't help that I was doing the old face out of the water thing. I think tomorrow I'm going to try my best at some face in water stuff. I'm getting less scared. I then took my bike a quick spin down the road (like 2km) and then ran for 2mins as soon as I stepped off just to get the feeling of running on biked legs. Yesterday evening after I arrived I did a proper run, a very speedy 3miles in the driving rain, with a very steep hill at the end. Dingle is great for hilly training, although the tri is in the flattest area of the peninsula. I'm pleased to say I'm still on my training schedule and I'm loving working out in this beautiful spot of the world:)

Until next time (and hopefully with pictures)


  1. Cannot wait to see pictures! The Dingle peninsula looks beautiful!
    Pure2raw twins

  2. Wow. It looks so beautiful there! So cool that you are doing this... best of luck with the training!

  3. I haven't been taking many photos at all girls, it's been so misty here, and any time it's not, I'm grabbing the chance to jump in the sea or on a bike, not ideal places for camera-brandishing. I think the weather might improve in the second half of the week (hopefully!!).