Monday, 26 July 2010

Rain, rain go to Spain

It usually annoys me when people say "Oh, you're from Ireland, it rains all the time there doesn't it??". But the last few days, I have to concede that they might just be on to something. Dingle, being on the coast, is particularly prone to an attack of blanket atlantic mist and drizzle. I took that picture an hour ago and it doesn't look any different.

Yesterday morning was ever so slightly brighter so I went out early for a long, hilly run (over 6 miles). With the hills it took me an hour! I did stop a lot to catch my breath and went off road so the path was very rocky and wet. My intention was to swim in the afternoon and I did find a good spot (Ballydavid pier), but there was no beach so my folks didn't want to hang around. For swimming, I really need to go by myself as no-one wants to sit around waiting on me. Safety wise, there is a good beach with a lifeguard which is where I was on saturday, so I wouldn't be in danger if I went alone. Only problem is where to put my car keys when I'm in the water! I suppose I could get some sort of waterproof pocket and put it down my wetsuit.

The plan today is a 25k cycle and then maybe a gentle hike or easy swim. Depending on whether the mist decides to lift!

Eats are plenty of fresh vegetables (salads or gently sauteed), hummus, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, nooch, quinoa, brown rice and porridge for breakfast made with soya milk to enrich. I'm missing my raspberry smoothies and homemade hummus! One thing I have noticed is a decrease in cravings for sweet stuff after dinner. Yesterday evening I had leftover black eye bean, leek and tomato stew with quinoa and steamed brocc (with some nooch and seeds to garnish). Later on I had one square of dark chocolate but could have left it. However, my folks, who had had a huge feed of pasta, were all craving ice-cream, cookies and chocolate within an hour of eating. Same story the previous evening when they had fish and chips, chocolate was voraciously consumed a short while later. All those quick release carbs just make you want more! I definitely think a dinner centred on vegetable protein and veggies satisfies me perfectly.


  1. I'm with you; a vegan diet is the best one. All those healthy fats, proteins and carbs quench the bodies need for sugary energy. Love it!

    Oh, and i get the same thing from being welsh; doesn't it rain all the time in wales? Yawn. xxx

  2. Haha, yes, we often get lumped with the same stereotypes as you guys. However this week Ireland is living up to its did clear for a bit this afternoon, thankfully!

  3. I agree, eating mostly veggies, I get the perfect balance at my meals! My body gets everything it needs.
    Pure2raw twins