Friday, 9 July 2010

Lost in the blogosphere!

It seems like my change of blog name didn't work as I though it would...I thought would just change to But I was just being silly. I'm going to leave comments on anyone's blog who has commented on mine before to let them know where I've disappeared off to!

My training plan is going well. I have deviated from the plan, but only to change activities around to suit better. I haven't actually missed a workout. I just feel so motivated to do this thing! And, wait for it, I'm even starting to look forward to swimming. The first few times I was so nervous I felt sick. Another time I got into my swimming gear at the pool, got showered, had one look at the pool and got the hell out of there. But the last time I was there, my breathing was starting to get more coordinated and I did a few lengths front crawl, although still without putting my face properly in the water. I'm working on it. I hope to be swimming all front crawl properly (ie face-in-water) by the end of week 3.

One annoying thing about the last swim was that I started getting painful cramps in my calves that were sore most of the next day. However I went for my run as normal and it didn't bother them in fact I think it probably helped. I went steady, doing 4.5 miles (3 loops of the park) and sprinted the last 300m home. It felt good, but it was too warm! I wore my compression leggings to help my tired legs. It's so hot and humid here, all grey and threatening rain but even when it does rain, it doesn't really clear the atmosphere.

I've been eating well, lots of clean food, very little sugar, although I have had one or two helpings of bread. I had baked potato one evening and then another the next day at lunch and I did suffer a bit for it. Luckily I'm not a huge fan, so I won't be eating them in a hurry again!


  1. I used to get leg cramps from swimming too. I used to stretch out my hamstrings against the walls of the pool in between laps. That helped.

    Actually - they didn't really start to go away until I started doing yoga. Weird. But that's true of everything with me. Yoga cured all of my bodily ills.

    There are probably some yoga stretches online that could help you out.

  2. Yes good idea. I used to do a lot of yoga a few years ago, I should squeeze some in somewhere! The cramp-inducing swim was thursday, I went again on saturday morning and did the same distance and was totally ok this time. In between I did lots of stretches and a run, I think I got it loosened up nicely. I'm guessing some forward bends would be good?

  3. Hi Eimear, thanks for the workout tips! You're right, I should get outside and make the most of the great, but rare, British summer weather :)

    Sweet potatoes are the best! Normal potatoes will never taste as good again. xxx