Thursday, 8 July 2010

Change of blog address

Given the slight change in focus my blog has taken, I've decided it was time to rename. I was writing as much, if not more about exercise as food. I intend to write a lot more about the training, but I won't be neglecting the food I'll be eating to get me through it all. Just expect it to be aimed at good athletic performance, but it'll still be the same clean, IBS-friendly vegan diet.

So how am I getting on with this tri lark?

Yesterday, I'm afraid to say, I skipped my scheduled swim. I did actually go to the pool but it was so packed I went straight back home. I just couldn't handle the busy water. Too scary. Instead, I took my rest day and rescheduled the swim for today. I used my evening to go and collect two packages. The first was my new trainers.

They are so comfortable. Seriously great running shoes. Incredibly light, not really the barefoot feeling they market them as, but I don't think barefoot running and tarmac are a good combo, so a little support is very welcome.

The second was my bike!!! And my wetsuit, trisuit, cycle shoes, pedals, helmet and open water goggles all thrown in too. It was a really great deal. I got the tri package from these guys:
I spent the rest of the evening putting the bike together, screwing the cleats onto the shoes, that sort of thing.

Having had a rest day yesterday, by lunchtime today I was stircrazy. My body wanted to let off some steam. Anyway, I made it through the afternoon with a lot of bounding up stairs and skipping along empty corridors. I had a nice speedy walk home, and have just eaten a PB+sugar free jam sandwich. I'm going for my swim at 19:45, when I hope it'll be a good deal quieter. The unversity area's weekend starts on thursday evening, so I'm hoping more people will be down the pub than in the pool. Friday is a run day, then bike day on saturday, and sunday is another swim.

Tri fuel:

Baked potato with edamame beans in tomato passata, topped off with hummus and eaten with plenty of salad leaves. I don't eat potatoes very often, but this was quite nice.


  1. Love love love LOVE your new kicks. How cool to find super comfy sneaks that are so damn cute. Your bike is neat too. You had to put that thing together? Did your man help or was that all you? Ikea is so scary; I can't imagine building a bike!

  2. Aren't they great?? I'd read about Nike Frees so checked them out, when I saw I could get them in PURPLE, I was sold. I'm so glad I went for them, incredibly light but with just enough support to counter my slight overpronation.
    I only had to put the wheels, pedals, saddle and handlebars on. Sounds a lot, but they were all basically allen key jobs. I couldn't have done sprockets, gear shifters...that would be scary!