Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Tri Training has begun!

I got up early this morning and wrote a post, then it got deleted:( Not sure what happened, but here we go again.
I started my 12 weeks tri training program yesterday. Basically I took two 12 week plans I got free online and mixed them up a bit and varied the days for different activities and rests to suit my life.

I worked out intensively enough at the weekend, with a spinning session, 2 strength training sessions, a real slog on my mum's elliptical and a 750m swim (a lot for me). This is what I ate to fuel up:

A big heap of tenderstem broccoli with tomato salsa. And yes, that is bread. I'm weak!

A high fibre cereal bar from Dorset Cereals, my favourite muesli company (especially their spelt one, but would love to see an all oat muesli), a black coffee and some motivational reading.

Close up of the bar. It's sweetened with agave nectar, which is very unusual in the UK. Nearly all 'health' bars are sweetened with honey.

A post-swim protein feast: broccoli, corn, butternut squash, bok choi, chilli and black eye beans in black bean sauce.

A couple of slices of melon and pineapple to rehydrate after a sweaty elliptical session.

So that was the weekend. Things began in earnest on Monday. I printed off my personalised plan, colour coded it and put it up on the kitchen wall. I joined my alma mater's sports centre- it's the closest pool to me, a fairly new facility and I pass it on the way to and from work, it's not much more than 5 minutes walk from my house. My neighbour who goes there has told me when the quiet times are! After that, I stuck the dinner on and did 2 speedy laps of the park, just over 3 miles in 20 minutes. When I got back, dinner was good to go! I was so hungry I didn't photograph. It was millet with a big heap of coconutty chilli veggies.
Today was biking day. As I still haven't got my new bike, this was half an hour on the cycling machine. Can't wait to get my bike!
Tomorrow will be my first visit to my new pool! I am nervous, I always find it a bit nervewracking going to new places alone, especially wearing tight fitting skimpy clothes and that ultra flattering combo, swim cap and goggles. I just have to go for it! I'm actually pretty proud of myself, I've been pushing my comfort boundaries quite a bit recently. In my book that can only be a good thing:)
In other news, my tummy continues to be very well behaved!


  1. Glad your tummy has behaved. And I'm impressed with your organisation skills as shown in your colour-coded chart :) good luck with your first swim tomorrow x

  2. I love all the bean action you got going on in this post! It's funny how beans are supposed to be the worst thing for us - according to the IBS guides out there. In my experience, they never make me react.

    Good luck with your training! I love your calendar. You are so dedicated!!!

  3. It's easy to be dedicated to something that's so much fun! I'm really enjoying doing something different every day, and even the annoying hiccups are just another challenge to win.
    Yeh, I always get comments at lunchtime, huh that's a lotta beans, I'm glad I'm not in your office this afternoon! It's usually said by someone devouring a heap of pasta or a white bread and cheese sandwich (both fartyfoods for me). I guess it's what you're used to. I love my beans:)