Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Gluten free Take 2

When I tried eating no gluten last time round, I did feel much better. That might be because I ate more carefully, more wholefoods and smaller meals. But I do know when I got lazy and started eating more gluten, I got sick again.
Instead of biscuits, my snacking will looks more like this:

Discovery apple, peanut butter, dried strawberries (my goodness, these are like sweeties!)

Dinner today was brown rice (my go-to upset tummy food) with steamed onion, hummus, and roasted courgette (zucchini) strips. I had a spoonful of the beans I heated for HB.

I did a little uncooking today too (I took the day off as my tum was so crampy). These are buckwheat groats soaking. I dried them out on a low oven this evening as my sub for wheatey breakfast cereals. I just love the crunchy cereal cold liquid combo so much.

These are cashews, dates and raisins soaking. I blended them with cacao and orange extract to make my own version of Nakd bars. They are a bit sticky because I soaked everything, but they're in the freezer now.

This was a yum gluten free dinner from last week: black eye bean mole and quinoa. Yum!

Dinners are usually accidentally gluten free for me. My problems are breakfast cereals, bread at lunchtimes and biscuits in the evening.
Anyway I am off to bed to try and get a good night's sleep for work tomorrow. I'm feeling kind of crap about this. I thought I was better and strong and athletic. Today I felt like an 80 year old:( But I will get well again. I just need to be vigilant and listen to my bod.

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