Saturday, 14 August 2010

Mice and men...

The best-laid schemes o' mice an' men gang aft agley
With all the best intentions, you plan something (in my case a weekend's worth of training). First, friday evening, I didn't realise summer scheme was pool-themed this week, so there was no space for lane swimming (unless you can do 50m in 40s, which I cannot). Then, today my plan was to cycle home. It was perfect, beautiful sunny morning, not much breeze, great breakfast after my swim and yet legs not feeling tired. Half way along (about 12 miles) my left pedal came off! I was powering up a hill out of the saddle, next thing I was in a heap on the ground! Luckily I wasn't badly injured, just two badly bruised knees, a bruisy scuff on my arm and a skinned ankle bone, and my dad was on his way home from work and was passing near where I'd come off, so he was able to pick me and my bike up. I think it may have been my fault- I may not have fitted the pedal properly, eek. I couldn't get it back on again either, the threads inside the crank arm are worn away. Anyway, my dad is driving me back tomorrow and I'll bring the bike to one of the local bike shops to get the left crank arm replaced, the pedals fitted properly, and a good look over to make sure I didn't damage anything else when I went over. I didn't pull any muscles or anything either, so apart from some swelling around my knees I'm fine to keep training, although I really am starting to feel like I threw myself in at the deep end, by starting to cycle and swim again after such a long break just three months before the race. The good news is despite my crappy swimming teachnique, I am still getting faster and I think I'll manage the swim part within 30 minutes.
I'm at my parents at the moment and spent the afternoon taming crazy garden-takeover-bid kabocha plants and cleaning my rabbit's house out. It dulled over a bit in the afternoon but the sun is just starting to come out again. Out I go with my book! Happy weekend:)

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