Sunday, 22 August 2010

New things

Lunch(ish) today had two new items- new season apples (Discoveries) and a Nakd Cocoa Orange bar. I really love Natural Balance bars but usually get the Trek bars for all that yummy 11g of raw vegan protein. The smaller Nakd bars are a great treat. I adore apples, but I never buy apples that have been grown outside the British Isles. So basically when stored apples come to an end in spring, I eat no fresh apples until late August. It was worth sticking to my principles, Discovery apples are so tasty! They don't store well though, so I'm going to eat plenty of them while the short season lasts. Then there'll be other varieties ready to try! Rest of lunch was mashed avo with hot sauce and lime juice (I suppose cheaty guacamole) and hummus on toast. I loved the avocado, I used to hate them but it's definitely growing on me.

I also got me a Camelbak for runs and bikes. I am really bad about hydrating during exercise, I would never carry a bottle while running and any time I've carried a bag on my back I end up rubbing skin off. The Camelbak is perfectly comfortable and holds a litre, which is as much as I'd want to carry running.

Lunch was an ish today because my meal times were all off today...I was up to 4am last night playing pool and drinking red wine (ouch). Actually I was ok, a headache and just feel a little delicate in general. Worst part was driving back today because of the lack of sleep. I so rarely do that sort of thing, I consider 11pm a late night! I drank loads of water when I woke, had some paracetamol with brunch and then milk thistle when I got home. We were staying with friends who live by the seaside, we had spent the day on an island called Rathlin which has a seabird nature reserve. It was a fun weekend! But I'll be booze free until the triathlon is over.

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