Friday, 17 September 2010

Impatient bread muncher

Happy weekend!
I am down visiting my parents in the country. I went down this morning as the weekend traffic leaving Belfast starts at lunchtime. I got my gluten eating over by lunchtime- 2 slices of toast for breakfast and again for lunch. Borrrring! I had PB and banana on toast both times as I had no avocados, salad or hummus to hand at lunchtime. I am aiming to eat the gluten quota early in the day so that my sleep is not too disrupted by bloating and cramps. I find this settles by evening so I eat gluten free at night.

Typical lunch this week- hummus and toast (unpictured peach to unstodgify)

Gluten free dinner- lemony brown rice noodles with peas and basil

Same noodles- this time with sauteed mushrooms, lemon, basil, thyme and soya cream.

My fave- parboiled and roasted turnip (swede to the English, rutabaga to Americans) with some chilli seasoning, brown rice and peas.

Weirdly, I've started to view bread almost as junk food (even though it's not much more processed than my brown rice noodles). In my mind I made it a forbidden food, not even that long ago, and yet it has stuck already! I am finding myself restrict my eating so I can fit the bread into my meals. This is also compounded by the fact I haven't worked out in nearly two weeks and while I'm feeling ready to get back to some easy going jogging and swimming, I won't be burning as much cals as I was, and I don't want to get too badly out of shape. The bread thing makes it slightly more complicated. I guess I'm going to get a bit physically out of shape over the next few weeks, not just my butt, but my guts too. However, I am content that it'll be worth it in the long run and it won't be too drastic (I did lose 3lb in hospital so I have that to play with). I reckon if I'm back on a gluten free diet by the end of October and my pancreatitis doesn't flare up, I should be back to my August fitness by mid-December.

The difference has been startling- bloat, cramps, brain fog, smelly wind, copious sticky poo, all the symptoms that I was doing nicely without, returned in a day. Gluten is waging war on my guts, and I'll be giving it up, celiac or not.

After my little brother got home from school this afternoon, we went out to the nearby nature reserve Oxford Island (not actually an island) for a walk before dinner. We saw loads of rabbits, a few woodland birds and some interesting ducks, a hobby (a small falcon) and the woods were bursting with sloes and haws.

Lough Neagh (the largest lake in the British Isles)- on a chilly, cloudy autumnal evening


There is also a kiddie's play area, so we tried everything out (climbing frames, slides, swings). No incriminating pictures of that though!

I'm going to my bed now (10:45pm). I am not needing as much sleep as I was earlier in the week, pretty much back to normal. Still, I will probably lie until until 8:30 and get a nice gentle jog in before breakfast, then go food shopping with Dad. The rest of the day looks like it'll be spent with my nose in a book!

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  1. I totally think of bread as junk food. Although gluten free bread - the stuff I made at home - rarely bothers my tummy. I'm glad to hear you are coming to some understanding about how your guts work. That sticky poo is awful, isn't it? :)

    I hope you are feeling better! Beautiful pics! Cute little bro! :)