Saturday, 4 September 2010

Three Weeks to Tri

Today in three weeks I'll be getting prepared for the triathlon, probably eating breakfast. I hope it's as tasty and easy on the stomach as today's breakfast- I have finally found a GF vegan pancake I'm happy with! Usually I make crepes but today I wanted something fluffier. I also wanted something that didn't need lots of different flours. I did a bit of googling and found this recipe. I veganised it and it turned out just right! I subbed the egg for a flax egg (and obviously didn't do the egg white thing), soya milk for the dairy, and melted Pure spread for the butter.

Yesterday I went to see my doc about my tummy issues. I've been booked in for celiac testing, as well as haemoglobin levels, B12, folate and thyroid activity. I decided to leave getting the tests done until a week after the triathlon as I will have to eat gluten because the immune response the test is looking for works bests if you've eaten gluten recently. So after the tri, when I'm on holiday for a week in Kerry, I'll be glutening myself. Not very fun, but I won't be at work and I can just take it easy with very little training to have to do. I doubt I have celiac disease, but just one week of bread munching will provide useful information one way or the other. It does take a few week's for the results.

Although I did plenty of training at the end of last week I was still not on top form after feeling ill last week, so was quite tired and took two days off this week. I had a good swim on thursday (1500m without stopping) and yesterday (1000m) followed by a 5 mile run. I had planned to go to the pool again this morning but I'm going out on the bike this afternoon so decided to skip the pool.

Although I'll be taking a bit of a break the week after the triathlon (in case my tummy gets upset with the intentional gluten eating) I'll be stepping it up once the tests are done, as I've signed up for an 8 mile mixed terrain on 16th October! It's on beach, boardwalk and road.

After my swim on thursday, I had my zuke pancake, which turned out much more custardy this time, and soup with lots of allotment veg (summer squash, carrots, roasted tomatoes and roasted peppers with lentils to thicken).

The pictures are pretty terrible because it was quite late and there was no natural light.
Hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. So exciting about how near your triathalon is! And the pancakes look delicious.

    You probably know this already about the celiac screening, but you need to have eaten a decent amount of gluten daily for 6 weeks before there's a hope of it truly showing whether you have it or not. And even then it may not be conclusive... (not all GPs realise this).

    Thanks for your tips re. my IBS. To be honest, I find root vegetables really comforting and easy on my digestive system, and the same with eggs. Life would be so much simpler if there was one IBS diet that fits all!

    Hope your training's going well this week x