Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Rest Day Week 9 (!)

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! It was beautiful here, wall-to-wall blue sky, very warm during the day, but cool and slightly misty in the mornings and evenings with the most amazing soft golden light. I couldn't decide whether it felt like the last weekend in summer or the first in autumn. Actually it seems pretty settled and will probably be nicer in September that July or August! But I felt like a little Autumn magic, and was inspired by Angela's cobbler recipe. I had a little time this evening because I was taking a rest day, so got baking. I had brought back some of the first cooking apples of the season from my parents, so I chopped up two and mixed them in with 3 cups of jumbo oats, lots of mixed spice and cinnamon, bottom of the jar of rice malt syrup (maybe 2 tbsp-1/4 cup) and a jar of amazake. It needed a little rice milk to water it down and I chucked some raisins in, and drizzled on a little sunflower oil. I baked the lot in the oven and had it with a soy vanilla pudding but it would be better with a plain agar pudding or some unsweetened non-dairy yogurt.

Although I am eating sans gluten, I don't seem to have a problem with oats. I think most of the oats produced in Ireland are fairly free from contamination with wheat or barley. I really enjoyed this oat concoction- it was hearty, flavoursome but nowhere near as sweet as 'normal' dessert. I reckon I'll be having some more for breakfast with some plain soy yogurt or cold rice milk.

I'm now into week 9 of my training and feeling positive after doing plenty at the weekend but still feeling like I had plenty in the tank. Nevertheless I took a rest day as I don't want to overdo things at this stage. Over the next three days I will be doing a couple of pool sessions a a few runs, and then taking my bike out again at the weekend.
I'll leave off for today with some snaps of the allotment on sunday evening. They kind of, but not completely, capture that special late summer light I was talking about.


  1. Thanks for your comment on our blog. The cobbler looks great. We used to eat oats, but took a break from them, maybe we will try them again one day.

    Pure2raw twins

  2. They're still my go-to breakfast grain if I'm looking something more substantial than fruit, I find quinoa and buckwheat too strong-flavoured in the morning. I find Birchermuesli/overnight oats with plenty of fruit a great brekkie- somehow it's light and so easy to digest (for me) yet keeps you full all morning!