Sunday, 29 August 2010

Fiery stuff at the market

I had intended to cycle up to Belfast this morning, but it was really wet and windy so I gave it a miss. Instead I drove up and went to the swimming pool and did a fast 40 lengths. After that, I walked into town with my boyfriend to visit the market and go book shopping. I went to the spice stall, which is run by a lovely Creole lady. I bought her hottest Creole style "curry" mix and some fresh dulse. Just as I was paying, a couple of young teenagers from the nearby streets starting giving her agro. I was so annoyed at the way they were treating her that I stepped in and gave them a piece of my mind. Their main line of argument was that, basically, as they were from the Markets (the name of the area) the market was theirs to do whatever they liked in. I probably wasted my breath, but that racial crap they were giving her, I just couldn't hold my tongue!
We left the market pretty pronto after that so as not to run into the kids again and visited my favourite body care shop, Lush, and go book shopping for our week in Dingle. After the triathlon, I intend to spend the rest of the week gently strolling along beaches and curled up in an armchair with a book and a glass of wine. I bought A.S.Byatt's Possession, John Updike's The Witches of Eastwick, Hilary Mantel's Wolf Hall and Richard Dawkin's The Blind Watchmaker. I've order Colm Toibin's Brooklyn too. All I need to do now is find me some good Cote des Nuits and Zinfandel.
After the trip around town, it's time for lunch/dinner. I had some avocadoes at the buttery soft stage so mixed them with loads of lime juice, super hot sauce and fresh black pepper. That's the Columbo curry powder beside:

New potatoes, onion and peppers for roasting, coated in hemp oil and the curry powder. I'm waiting on them impatiently as I type.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Mine will continue with a trip to the allotment, a gin and lemonade over a movie, and a long cycle tomorrow (it's a Bank Holiday in the UK).

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