Thursday, 14 October 2010

Getting up in the dark:(

Even though my birthday is in October, I don't really enjoy the month, for one reason- it's really dark in the morning. In fact, I was in work a good half an hour before I saw the street lights go off. Does anyone else find getting up in the dark a challenge? I know I do, because in the summer I wake at 5, wide awake, and can't wait to get the day started. In winter, anything before 8 seems cruel.

I have been working through my IBS list. This is the water bottle I use. I fill it twice a day, first shortly after I get into work, and then again about midday or lunchtime. When I get home from work, I drink another half litre worth of teas (usually peppermint or black tea).

Not that it seems to do a huge amount to ease my constipation. But I reckon being well hydrated certainly won't make it worse.

Look at my creepy dead person's hand(!) I really ought to get some Floradix. As you see, I wear warm jumpers (sweaters) in work. I get really cold sitting at a desk!

Today was the first day since last winter that I pulled my chair up against the radiator in the evening. The temperature has dived noticeably in the last two days! I'll soon be taking hot water bottles to bed.
In the search for warmth and comfort, I had a bowl of mash for dinner last night:

Yum. I boiled the potatoes and stirred in some parsley and (toasted) pumpkin seed pesto made with hemp oil and a heap of nutritional yeast. I poured a little heated tomato puree over the top. I'm trying to eat less complicated dinners, although I don't want to keep this up too much, otherwise I might sacrifice good nutritional balance. I guess I should try to concentrate on different major nutrients at different meals.

I can't wait for the weekend! The dark mornings make me so tired.

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