Monday, 22 November 2010

Down Time

I've been struggling to find both time and inspiration for my foodie interests and therefore the blog. Not only that, but I'm also devoting more time to other interests of mine, and my job is taking up more of my time these days too.
While I don't intend to shut my blog down or anything, I think it's only fair to let any readers out there know what to expect from this tiny corner of the food blogging universe, and at the moment I can't promise I'm going to be updating with any regularity or degree of quality. While it would be lovely to have more time for all my interests, that's just not possible while holding down a full time job, and I have to pick out those interests that give me the best 'return' for the investment of my time. I'm being deliberately cryptic for now, by the way. Other interests have taken a hit too- I have given up my allotment (but keep a veg garden at my parent's house) and I haven't been hiking in ages:(
Anyway, when I have free time outside of the interests I'm getting a bit more serious about, I will do my best to blog about tasty vegan food, managing IBS and running/swimming/hiking/cycling. I also hope I'll be able to continue following some blogs and keep commenting on my favourites.

While I'm here, I'll update on my low fibre diet and how it's affecting my IBS. Generally, it has helped my symptoms. Bloating, cramps and wind were noticeably reduced right from the beginning of the trial, and eventually my constipation got better, even though I was eating not only less fibre but a fairly reduced volume of food (1. to help reduce the bloating and 2. to keep my weight stable as low fibre food means higher energy density). However, I look forward to my meals less eagerly, because I just don't enjoy food with fibre as much. I actually like the taste of fibre. I am also a little worried that my current diet, while much gentler on my tummy, is a lot lower in vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients. I'm not sure what to do about this at the moment. I am beginning to think that my diet may have been 'too healthy' for me (I know a lot of other people out there who eat much more fibre, even more wholefoods, more raw who actually find their diets help their tummy problems) and that while I do want to add some things back in to my diet, I think I'm going to adopt a more carefree attitude about what I eat, because it does seem to help my IBS. That said, I'm not going to compromise on veganism, and I do prefer to emphasis whole foods over refined, and to prefer organic, seasonal and local food.

I really hope I'll be around more often than I think. And I'll do my best to keep up with the more faithful bloggers whom I love to read:)


  1. Hope you continue to post some! I totally understand how it is. My job and other things have caused me to post only once or twice per week. It's tough! I'm glad your feeling better. :)

    P.S. Love the rose!

  2. Hi lovely Eimear!

    Thanks for filling us in. I know what you mean, and my blog is taken a bit of a backseat but in a less formal way.

    My diet and food interest is all over the place at the moment and I'm currently trying to figure out a diet that best suits my IBS. I'm glad yours is helping. I find that my body doesn't like too much fibre either (and, like you, I love healthy food). Maybe I'll try a modified version of yours. How long did it take for it to start working and for your body to not react to gluten? My dietitian wants me to eat gluten again to get an official coeliac diagnosis (or not). And I'm nervous about this xxx

  3. Sarah, I would be really nervous if I was you! I think it was because I always ate high fibre bread and wholewheat pasta and it was the fibre and not gluten that gave me a sore tummy. As I don't have coeliac disease, I don't know how quickly you would react and how bad it would get with a lot of gluten. If you decide to do it, I'd recommend starting off doing it when you don't have to be in work and if it gets really unbearable after a day or two, I personally wouldn't continue because you'd have to do it for a couple of weeks otherwise there's no point, and if you have coeliac diesease, you'd be incredibly miserable the whole time. I guess the advantage of a diagnosis would be gluten free products on prescription. You just have to work out if that's worth the pain.
    It's hard to say how long it took the modified fibre diet to work as I started it after a small bowel series (so I had been fasting and my GI system was completely empty, so sort of like starting from scratch!). I had no gas and bloating until I ate peas and broad beans. My constipation took 2-3 weeks to get better. I am kind of annoyed that all the healthy food I enjoy and thought was going to help my IBS was actually making it worse!