Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Pumpkins and spice and all things nice

Edit: I just realised this is my 100th post:)
After yesterday's post, I did actually make something I enjoyed!
First, though, here's some cake I made last week:
That's spiced banana cake. I used Steenberg's pumpkin pie mix. yum! I served it with vanilla soya yogurt.

Continuing the pumpkin theme, I steamed a huge butternut squash last night and made my squash pancake. It's Nigel Slater's recipe in Tender v.1 , doubled and veganised. Instead of adding thyme leaves, though, I used my Steenberg's laksa spice and used coconut oil on the pan instead of olive oil. It was so delicious!
Sorry for the awful photo...I keep meaning to do something about the terrible lighting in my dining room.
As there was some leftover steamed squash, I put it to use tonight. I lifted the bowl of squash out of the fridge and chucked in a handful of rolled oats, plus some nooch, salt and more Steenbergs loveliness- herbes de provence and smoked paprika. I didn't even shape them, just plopped lumps onto a hot skillet. The herbes de provence and smoked paprika combo gave the burgers a lovely deep savoury flavour but also brought out the sweetness of the squash. I had mine in a warmed pitta with tomato, cucumber and olive salad with a balsamic dressing.
I haven't had that much salad in a long time! My tummy was very happy to see the veggie goodness.
Oh, I should note, I don't work for Steenberg's or anything. I just love their products:)


  1. yay for 100 posts! I love your blog and hope you keep it up!!!