Saturday, 4 December 2010

Snow Food

Almost two weeks since my last post and still I haven't been cooking a lot. I'm quite busy these days and when I get home it's about making something quick.
Typical lazy evening meal:

Baked mushrooms (chuck them in an oven tray and pour over olive oil, a little salt, herbes de provence and chopped garlic), toast and lemony hummus. The plate is an oily mess because I chopped the mushrooms up on it. I'm not a huge mushrooms fan, but my boyfriend is and they were on offer. I actually thought they were really nice this way. I was still hungry after that though, and had some cereal and soya yogurt a while later.

Yesterday I had a half day in work and met my brother for lunch at the Christmas market in front of the city hall. He had paella and a burger, I got a spinach pastry thing from a Greek vegetarian food stall that helpfully listed all their ingredients. I also got dolmades, but I took them home. We warmed up with Glühwein as it was snowing, and then we got fed up standing in the cold and went for tea at a nearby bookshop. Anyway, I got home a lot earlier than usual so I decided to do a slow soup. I chucked a pile of chopped roots (turnip/rutabaga, new potatoes, carrots) with onion and a leek in my big cast iron pot with some olive oil, and then after a while some lovely wintery herbes de provence, veggie stock and pudding rice(!). Near the end I stirred in some tomato passata and some sea salt. It was delicious served with just out of the oven roasted chestnuts.
Just the right meal to warm up snow frozen toes!

That soup seemed to agree with me just fine, but about 2 weeks ago I had a pureed root veg soup and my tummy was upset for days. What I'm finding is that if stick with low fibre foods, my IBS is non-existent. I've only been doing this for a month, and I've been so much better except for a risotto full of broad beans and a root veg soup. I can't believe I have gone through a whole month without brown rice. I'm going to have some for Christmas dinner though. That's how weird it's become, that healthy stuff is now my naughty treat. It does seem to be that my guts are very sensitive to significant amounts of fibre, so I'm going to keep with a low fibre diet. When I do eat something high fibre, I'm going to make sure not to combine it with another high fibre foodstuff. I think I might need to try and sneak more vegetables into my diet again to make sure I'm getting enough vitamins. Protein and fat aren't a problem, I eat either tofu or soya yogurt every day and use olive oil in my cooking. And getting enough carbs is never a problem on a vegan diet...!


  1. Hey Girl! Thanks for the update!!! I have been wondering how you are doing with your new eating. Like you, I've had many days where too much fiber has been causing problems... I think you are totally on the right path... mixing and matching high fiber and low fiber foods... and doing what feels best for you.

    That soup looks so yummy. So do the chestnuts. I've never ever had roasted chestnuts before and really want to try them!!!

  2. I think that is definitely what works for my body too. Too much fiber and everything is out of whack!

    Ok. Seriously. Your baked mushroom toast is the best idea I've ever seen. It's like my perfect snack that I never thought of. :) Plus the bowl of chestnuts? Yes, please!

    So glad to see you're feeling better!