Monday, 6 December 2010

Homegrown kabocha recipe- lazy pumpkin laksa

After two months of curing, my homegrown kabochas are ready to eat. I decided the first way to eat it would be a good old fashioned roasting.
I cut it into big slices, which was not all that easy! Even with a very sharp knife it took some huffing and puffing.

I roasted the kabocha naked for about 50 minutes and served it with these delicious King Soba noodles.

That's dessert in the background (apple and blackberry strudel made with cheaty frozen pastry)

Instead of cooking the noodles just in water, I boiled up a tin of coconut milk with two teaspoons of Steenbergs laksa mix and some boiling water (maybe a cup). The noodles take about 5 minutes, and I added a little sea salt at the end. It was pretty much a cheat version of laksa, and since it's such a cold night (lots more snow meaning I had to stay late in work to let the traffic clear), some chilli heat was very welcome.

Yum. Then I went all crazy and mushed it all up. The kabocha was kind of crumbly!? Probably because I roasted an already dense vegetable with no oil.
I thought it was delicious though, it tasted very like roasted chestnuts, sweet and kind of like waxy potatoes. I have loads left over, I'm thinking it would make a good lunch tomorrow, maybe with mango chutney in a sandwich (or even brekkie with some vanilla soy yogurt).

Despite the snow, I took part in a 4 mile fun run on sunday with my brother. Unfortunately I have no pics:( My little bro found it really tough, and while I felt ok during the run (felt really unfit at the start mind you), I didn't feel it until later that evening, my right hip was really stiff and sore all day today and I was really wheazy on sunday (I have asthma but never bother to get my prescription). It maybe wasn't such a good idea to do something like that after not running for two months! I'm not that bothered, fitness just isn't a big priority for me in the deep winter. I used to get annoyed about it, but now I just embrace the season; I stay inside more, I eat more heartily. If I put a pound or two on, that's a good thing (although any more than that and it requires a little effort, read, dieting, to shift). I'm always freezing so a little extra insulation is welcome. Once the spring comes round it always drops off and I regain my fitness. It does mean I never get really great at running because I return to a fairly basic fitness. However, it's just not worth the achey lungs in the cold air, and I hate exercising inside, unless it's swimming. I have been going to the pool every once in a while, but most evenings after work, once I get into the house I just don't want to go back outside!

How do you feel about exercising through the winter, is a year round exercise regime of a fairly constant intensity important to you? Or do you struggle to crawl out from under the duvet when the days shorten?


  1. Snap! I tend to not exercise as you and could do with the extra pounds of insulation (which all come off in the spring anyway). It's so cold that I tend to spend the winter evenings on the sofa, watching TV, drinking herbal tea and eating chocolate and cake. That said, it does stress me out a bit (I'm silly :P )

  2. Mmmmmm love love love kabocha! Lucky you for having a nice stock of homegrown ones! I try to exercise in the winter as well...but it is definitely harder to get outside. Especially when it gets dark so much earlier as well. But, I always feel better if I do!

  3. I can't find kabocha for sale in Ireland so had to grow them to try them, it meant a long wait, but I am in love! I'll be saving part of my veg patch for kabocha every year from now on:)
    Yeh, I do always feel great after a workout, it's just getting excited enough about it to brave the cold. I hope to get in a nice winter hike in over Christmas.

  4. My kabochas are crumbly too! I like them that way. Congrats on growing so many beautiful ones.

    I hear you about resting in the winter. Instead of hour long workouts, I cut down to thirty minutes. I also make sure I'm in bed by 8pm. It helps the winter feel less harsh and me feel more energized. Yay! Transatlantic winter twins!