Monday, 31 January 2011

Back to porridge...or cottage cheese on toast

After intending to eat by a series of snacks rather than a few meals today, I forgot my boss was taking some of us out for lunch. I had a delicious breakfast of blackcurrant jam and low fat cottage cheese sprinkled with cinnamon on toast with half a melon on the side but I'd left the bluetooth switched on on my phone which ran the battery right down so I didn't get a snap of my pretty breakfast:( I also had a glass of grapefruit juice. I read in Runner's World that cinnamon and grapefruit juice are good at raising one's metabolism (to try and burn off my Christmas and Edinburgh pounds).

Lunch was vegetable korma, which was tasty but I had heartburn most of the afternoon. I went for a long walk after work and chugged loads of peppermint tea when I got home and this helped settle my tum and after a while I was hungry again. I baked some Witch/Torbay sole in the oven with herbes de provence and a lemon and had it with tomatoey brown rice but I didn't like the fish. I guess it was just one of those days when you have no luck with food.
To take the taste away, I had a heap of frozen raspberries, topped with low fat organic plain yogurt, a splash of hazelnut liquer and a couple of crumbled dark chocolate oatcakes (they're like very low sugar, high fibre biscuits/cookies).
Anyone else have any not-so-good eats recently? Normally I get really peeved but I've eaten so well recently I can hardly complain! I think I've learnt with the sea's bounty I prefer oily fish and shellfish.

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