Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Snack face

So I got into smaller meals more frequently today, to an extent. I didn't fancy too much protein this morning and I wanted something warm so I went for runny oatmeal with a little plain yogurt, honey and cinnamon (no picture of that, I didn't have time and bowls of beige aren't exactly photogenic, especially before sunrise). I snacked on two apples with PB and cinnamon around 11.
For lunch I had an avocado and tomato sandwich with loads of lettuce which was good but I was still a little peckish, so I went for coffee and ended up eating a bit of cake, which wasn't great but I wasn't intending to do things perfectly straight away. It wasn't the indecent calorie count that was the worst- the sugar crash I got while walking home was (about 3 hours after the cake). I felt like I was walking through water and felt like I was going to pass out when I got in the door (my sight went grey and I went all wobbly although I came round after a wee sit down).
I didn't have the afternoon snack I had prepared because of the cake and I was really busy anyway. I had a small dinner of mustardy carrot potato mash baked in the oven topped with tomato slices and an egg.
Later I had my preprepared afternoon snack of cottage cheese, apple sweetened blackcurrant jam and homemade muesli for dessert. It was good but I think the cottage cheese is better with more acidic tasting fruit like raspberries or citrus fruit. My muesli is just rolled oats with tiny currants, dried blueberries, dried banana chips and flaked almonds.

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