Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Dinner by the fire

It's got quite cold again here, not as cold as it was in December, but below 0 C anyway, so we lit the fire tonight.

Today started off with egg and dinner leftovers (lemony garlicky Quorn and spinach) on a scone:

A whole pot of osmanthus green tea.

Some weak coffee when I got in to warm up (I walked in today) but I only drank half before it got cold.

Banana and plain yogurt at break:

Soup and walnut toast with peanut butter for lunch.

The soup left me really bloated- I often find this with soup.

I had grapes around 4pm which kept me going until dinner (and a teaspoon of PB, yum).

I walked home and then cooked a whole pile of root vegetables (a pound of potatoes, a turnip (aka swede to the English, rutabaga to the Americans) and 3/4 of a celeriac). I coated them in EVOO, wholegrain mustard, fresh thyme and organic honey and roasted them after first parboiling. I wrapped a Quorn piece in foil and topped with pear chutney and blue goat cheese and shoved it in the oven for 15 minutes.

Then I broke out the apple flapjack yogurt for dessert.

The yogurt was lovely- really appley and very tangy- all zingy on my tongue!

I used the rest of the celeriac to make remoulade (I dressed grated celeriac in mustard, lots of lemon juice, parsley and a little plain yogurt). I'll have it for breakfast or lunch tomorrow with smoked salmon, and then there's lots of roast veggies left for another meal:)
I'm off to spend the rest of my evening watching a conservation programme about Iraq and to sit by the fire!

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  1. Very cozy life and very comfy eats! You're inspiring me! :)