Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Running again! :)

Today's eats:

Porridge (oats soaked overnight then brought to the boil and simmered), lots of frozen raspberries stirred in near the end, topped with plain yogurt and organic honey.

I snacked on a banana mid morning, and I was ravenous at lunchtime. Lunch was smoked salmon and celeriac salad, a few pecan nuts, a cup of grapes and 1/2 cup apple yogurt. The raw celeriac didn't upset my tummy at all, unlike the vegetable soup (not sure if the root vegetables further annoyed me yesterday or if it was just the soup, in any case, I think I digest raw veg better in the middle of the day).

I speed walked home to warm up, then went out and ran 8.5km (just over 5 miles), I really enjoyed it!! I got all cleaned up, drank plenty of water, and then made dinner out of yesterday's leftover roast veggies. I warmed the veggies through in the pan, then added in a couple of big handfuls of spinach, then I threw over two eggs beaten with a smoked paprika, chilli and thyme mix. I put the tiniest bit of blue goat cheese on at the end for flavouring (maybe 1/2 tablespoon).

This was an incredibly filling meal! But I still had dessert...just a bit of positive reinforcement to keep me running.

Hot rice pudding, a small scoop of chocolate ice cream and a handful of chocolate rice puffs to add crunch, then loads and black and peppermint tea to rehydrate.

Running was so great, I hope I stay well enough to get really consistent again. I might go out again for a shorter jaunt tomorrow, and then swim on friday evening. Saturday will be a rest, and maybe another slightly longer run on Sunday when I'm visiting my parents in the countryside- I love running at home, it's so pretty.

You might have noticed I'm eating more vegetables. I have gradually increased them in my diet, and I think I'm happy where I am for now- I am now back to eating some fruit or vegetables at every meal, and even basing at least one if not two meals a day on veggies, even sneaking them in at breakfast. While I'm focussing on protein a lot at the moment to fill me up (to try and avoid the sugar crashes and trim up a bit after the holiday period), I'm trying to make sure I get plenty of colour in my diet, but as seasonal as possible, e.g. stored British apples, pears, Northern Irish spring greens and root vegetables, and also making use of preserving- frozen British berries, and cooked apples and plums that I froze after harvesting, although I am eating organic greenhouse spinach and Italian salad leaves. I've had ups and downs, a few reintroductions have given me cramps and gas, and I'm not ready to eat pulses in any quantity beyond a tablespoon of hummus (which I haven't eaten in over 2 weeks I think). When I was sick last week though, I reverted to a very low fibre diet (and low fat too) for a few days, but this time I ate live yogurt to help my gut.

That's all for now! I'm off to my bed early tonight.


  1. mmmm your rice pudding looks delicious :)
    Glad to hear you're feeling better and running again!

  2. It's really easy- just heat a litre of milk of your choice (I used unsweetened soya milk) and add a tea cup of short grain rice once it's nearly at boiling point. Add a little sweetener if you fancy (I added a tablespoon of brown sugar but you could use brown rice syrup, honey, apple juice concentrate etc) and stick in an shallow dish in a low-ish oven for 1.5 hours, lifting it out 2-3 times to give it a stir.