Monday, 7 February 2011

Getting the week off to a good start

It was a really wet and wild weekend here, so I didn't go out running as planned. Apart from mess around footie with my brother on sunday, I didn't really sweat this weekend. So on sunday evening, I decided to try and get a pre-work sweat session in, for the first time in ages, and on a monday to boot. I got all my stuff ready on sunday, breakfast, lunch, swim bag packed, and got an early night (10pm). When I got up and started gathering my stuff up, I felt a bit mad, to be honest. I hate getting up in the dark and I thought I'd just be miserable for the rest of the day for missing that extra 40 minutes in bed. When I got to the gym, I had to wait a few minutes for them to open up (along with some other exercise geeks) but once I was in the water, pedalling away for dear life, I sure felt the benefits of the early start. I am really loving aquajogging, such a great workout, and you can do abs crunches and squats and stuff too. I'm going to see about getting a set of aqua dumb bells too. I got into work a bit earlier than normal as well, although by the time I'd dried my hair and eaten my raspberry cocoa overnight oats, it was already 8:30. I didn't feel tired throughout the day, even though I was super busy after being off on friday, and with having my breakfast an hour later than usual, I wasn't as ravenous through the morning until lunchtime.
I snacked on a banana and a raisin bar mid-morning and lunch was tinned salmon mixed with a little cream cheese and half a fresh chilli. I ate it on rye crackers with a salad of three grated carrots with a few seeds and apple cider vinegar.

About 4pm I was a little hungry so I shared a KitKat with my colleague over a cup of coffee and that saw me through until dinner at 7:30pm, which was an old favourite here: coconut curry! We love it with brown rice or quinoa and collards/spring greens.

It was brown rice tonight, and there's enough leftovers for both our lunches! Perfect fuel for our first training run together tomorrow evening.

I rounded up my day with some gooseberry yogurt and frozen raspberries topped with two crushed up raisin digestive biscuits.
Anyone else enjoy working out first thing, or do your prefer to exercise at the end of the day to unwind?

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