Sunday, 20 February 2011

Green Ribbons and Cake

After reading about Dainty Pig's ridiculously cool rice cooker cake I decided to bake something this weekend. I have a baking box with plenty of flours, sugar, dried fruit etc but I hadn't dug into it since my Dundee cake. I knew I would have a chocolate fan visiting, so I got some chocolate while doing the shopping today and settled on a sour cherry chocolate cake. Skip to the bottom to hear all about it if you don't want to be bored by yet more aquajogging and fish eating.

After the late lunch of pasta and ice-cream yesterday I had a quick trout egg sandwich for tea. I had leftover trout, broke it up into chunks into a beaten egg, stirred in some mustard and heated in a nonstick pan until the egg set. I had it between two slices of toast and a generous shake of hot sauce. Later on I had a Rekordelig while watching The Tudors. Yum! The Tudors was a bit gory this week though. At least the cider was tasty.

Yes, I went aquajogging this morning. I got up and had a quick brekkie of toast with a little PB and a banana. I usually only eat toast at the weekends because I have my breakfast later then, and toast at 7am would NOT keep me going for very long on a workday. I did an hour's aquajogging, then goofed around breaststroking for 15 mins and doing chin ups and dips between laps. I spent a toasty 10 mins in the sauna in between. I always feel like a new pin after a watery workout.

I got back home and got organised to go shopping. Feeding two active people (one of whom could eat cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner, not move and still not gain weight) when you're fussy about quality is expensive! But it's not too bad, I guess, as we don't buy food at work or eat at restaurants much (except for our little pizza feast on friday night, hehe).

I was ravenous after the shopping as it was after 2pm, and with cake baking and deciding to roast a celeriac for lunch, it was nearly 4pm by the time we ate. I had a baked salmon fillet, leftover pasta, loads of lovely ribbony spring greens and a few pieces of the roast celeriac.

I had a cup of coffee with a splash of chocolate soya milk after dinner.

I read for a while and then later in the evening we tried out the cake. It was very good, but tasted really rich to me- I haven't had cake made with proper butter for such a long time! To be honest, I felt a bit queasy after, it was basically half refined carbs and half saturated fat. I was pretty impressed with the great crumb though.

The weird thing was although I felt a bit sickened for an hour, I was hungry again two and a half hours later so I'm having a teacup of frozen berries and soya milk and a sprinkle of the Quaker granola. Much more to my liking! Frozen strawberries taste as good as ice-cream to me:)

The soya milk has turned a greyish blue!

Hope you all had a good weekend- I'm ready to take on the week! I have more or less exactly what I had for dinner today in a tupperware box for tomorrow's lunch and breakfast will almost certainly involve ice-cream I mean frozen berries! I hope this will give me plenty of energy to try out my first Bodyrock workout tomorrow :)


  1. Yum!! All your eats look great :)
    I love frozen berries with milk on of my favourite treats. Your cake looks divine, and I love the mug your coffee is in!
    Have a great week. Good luck with the workouts, they sound great!

  2. I'm having more frozen berries right now, so good. The mug was from Collioure, a little seaside village in the very south east of France- I wanted to take loads of stuff home! I love all the pretty Japanese pottery and stoneware on your blog:)