Tuesday, 22 February 2011


I'm back to the grindstone, two days have already gone by in a flash! It's good to be busy but sometimes it's so exhausting. Nevertheless, I dragged myself out for a quick 3.5 miles last night. I don't think I would have gone if I hadn't agreed it early in the day with Eamonn. By the end of the run I was sprinting, it was great to shake the day off. I wasn't particularly hungry though, as I'd had a big pile of sunday dinner leftovers at lunch, so I had a tiny bowl of Quorn (fake 'chicken' made out of microscopic fungi) in tomato sauce, topped with nooch.

Later on I was peckish though, and that resulted in cake. Not the healthiest thing to eat in the evening, but it's sitting there!

Today started with Ready Brek made with soya milk and topped with frozen berries and a scoop of plain yogurt.

I had a really great lunch with a grated carrot and red pepper (I meant to turn the grating plate over to slice, but I was rushing so got grated pepper!), lots of lettuce, some Quorn and a scoop of cottage cheese, oh, and a few sundried olives, mmm.

I snacked on bananas (2) and had a few cups of coffee and lots of water.

I got home and tried some Bodyrock, the epic burpees one- I only got 200 reps done (half the workout) and it took me 35 mins which isn't too bad I guess although I did have to switch to press ups from the knees early on (I suck at press ups which is why I'm trying to do more strength training).

Dinner was baked brown rice, sauteed mushrooms and onions, boiled broccoli and a little blue goat cheese.

There was more was really tasty but I didn't feel so good after. I have been thinking of giving myself a break from desserts/sugar/refined carbs or something in March, but I haven't worked it out yet. I am happy with my main meals but I think my snacking could be 'smarter'. I am definitely going to challenge myself to improved eating habits next month so stay tuned!


  1. That cake looks awesome! P.S. I really like your nail polish in the previous post!!!

  2. Oh thanks, it was black with bronze glitter painted over. It's a nightmare to take off though! The cake is just a standard pound cake- equal quantities of butter, sugar and flour plus 3 eggs, then dried sour cherries and chocolate stirred in. It's a bit too heavy for me- I'm going to try making a heathier version that will probably be vegan:)

  3. That cake looks delicious!!
    And I love your bowl in the top pretty :)

  4. Awwww... I LOVE cake and that looks goooood! Right there with you though - rarely does it feel good afterwards. :)

  5. I love cake too, but I've had too much (for me) lately and I need a wee break. Since reintroducing eggs and some dairy I've been revisiting all the old favourites! The problem is the sugar that comes along with them. While I'll be going sugar free in March, that doesn't mean dessert free, I'm just going to try making dessert that's just as yummy but doesn't make me feel yucky after.