Thursday, 17 March 2011

First Snuffles of the Winter

I thought I'd got through all this winter without a cold! But a sore throat started on monday, hung out in my chest and now I'm a bit bunged up. I have a really chesty cough which sounds dreadful, but I haven't been feeling too awful- I've been going about my normal routine. I did find my HIIT session today a bit tougher than normal though. I haven't taken anything for it other than hot lemon water first thing in the morning, and upped my daily water intake by an extra 500ml.

After my HIIT aquajogging (15 min at my 'running effort', 15 mins of alternating 30 sec high intensity, 30 sec recovery, then another 15 min 'running effort'), I had a quick brekkie of pear, yogurt and some muesli. I then spent the morning tidying up and trying to get my wireless router sorted! I didn't actually manage to get it sorted until this evening. After my toings and froings I stepped out into the lovely day to meet up with my friend. We had lunch her parents then spent the afternoon hanging out at a coffee shop. The only thing was, by the time we were leaving, the streets were teeming with gangs of drunken people! It was actually a little scary...but I got home ok!

I had some veggie sausages and stirfry for dinner, before I broke out the sweet potato 'brownies'. They are very moist, so much so that I don't think they'll keep very long. Not going to be a problem, since I've already eaten half the batch:D

With some pear and set yogurt tonight.

Last night I made Gena's lovely foolproof tofu burgers for dinner- I love coating them in oats. I also add a good handful into the mix. This version was simply a block of tofu, leftover grated carrot and pepper, curry powder and oats. I didn't bother with tahini, nooch or soy sauce this time, and they were lovely just as they were:) I ate mine with crispy socca and a heap of spinach.

I am really enjoying eating less sugar. I prefer my own simple treats:) I intend to keep this diet 'challenge' going after March (although that was always the long term intention) and introduce a few more little tweaks next month. This will mostly centre around coordinating my workouts and meals to get into really good shape (I want to decrease BF and increase my lean mass).
Back to work tomorrow, but only for a day, then I'm off again until next wednesday! Just what I need to get well again.

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