Sunday, 20 March 2011

Banana Bread Pancakes

I had two really black bananas that needed used up and pancakes on the brain! Really ripe bananas are so sweet that all blended up I would say you can do with no other added sweetener.

The recipe:
2 very ripe bananas, smooshed with a stick blender
2 eggs
1 cup flour of your choice (not tightly packed)- I used organic self raising
1/4 tsp baking powder, maybe 1/2 tsp if you use flour without raising agent
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 cup unsweetened soya (or other) milk

Blend it up, either with a stick blender or in the food processor. I think I fused my food processor after making a banana berry smoothie yesterday:( Need to get that fixed.

Spoon the batter onto a hot skillet/frying pan, using the oil of your choice. I used a total of a tablespoon of coconut oil for the batch.

The stats:
This made 6 good sized pancakes- a very generous breakfast for two (comes out at 450 calories before toppings for half the batch) but it would happily stretch to serve 3.

I had mine with a spoonful of set plain yogurt, sugar free raspberry jam and cinnamon.

This would be a far more ideal breakfast after some sweaty cardio but I haven't done any since thursday as this cold is pretty bad. I've just done a few sets of strength training stuff here and there. Still, you've got to treat yourself when you're sick! I would like to make a slightly healthier version next time- use a combo of oat flour and protein powder instead of the self raising flour and eat 1/3 of the recipe (as it would be much more filling with those modifications). They would be nice with brown rice flour, buckwheat, almond, whatever you fancy:)

I have been sneaking chilli in where I can to drive the cold out of me, as well as munching away of protein.
Yesterday's lunch:

Multiseed bagel topped with Quorn slices, pineapple cottage cheese, very hot hot sauce and two carrots chopped up (went to grate them but the food processor isn't working). I had two clementines to start for some vit C :)

On the training front, I had been thinking of topping up my swimming package at the gym so I could use the weight room, but we are probably going to invest in a barbell/dumbell set and a bench to use at home so we can both weight train and not have to stand around waiting for free space. We are both really loving doing as much as we can with what we have at the moment; for me it will be a great way to build strength and muscle to support my running, for MrPeskyRunner, he wants to regain some lost muscle. Although he used to run marathons, running isn't great for him as he just loses mass- he has, like, no body fat. He loves his carbs but he is coming round to the idea of shooting for a higher protein (vegetarian) diet. I will keep you updated with our first steps into weight training!


  1. OMG banana pancakes! I love banana cake... plus you like raw carrot toooooo!!

    Hey, it's like one mind :)

    I'd definitely go for a home dumb/barbell set, it makes it so much easier to maintain consistancy in training too. If the weather is icy? No problem. If you're only able to train at some ungodly hour of the morning? No problem

    The only thing is that you can reach a stage where you simply can't increase the weight without having to buy more weight plates. But again, this simply means that you're encouraged to find new ways to challenge your body (new movements, unilateral etc.) so it's all healthy diversity :)

    Probably no help at all, just my two cents! (or pence...)

  2. Hi vivoir, I love banana cake too, nice to have it for brekkie, my boyfriend nearly had to double check it wasn't his birthday!
    Yeh...I am tied between only buying a set of weights up to pretty much my own body weight or a set at over 90kg. At the moment I can't lift my full body weight at all (i.e. I need a chair to do a pull up/chin up and a leg on the ground to do a dip, can't do a proper press up either) so hopefully the 52kg set will keep me busy for a while. I think working on modified body weight exercises until I can ditch the modifications will do a lot of good, and if I get to the stage were squatting/bench pressing my own weight is boring, then it's time to see a trainer! Do you have weights at home vivoir, and do you lift more than your body weight, and did you start with that set?