Monday, 21 March 2011

Woohoo, dip station! I can't wait to use it for a Bodyrock workout...

And pull up bar and rings

Lunch today was salmon salad on a seeded bagel with an apple. I made the salmon salad with 1 tin salmon, 1 tsp tahini, 1T yogurt, some chilli, cup of chopped spinach and 1/3 big yellow pepper.

Dinner was an old favourite- coconut curry- this time with Quorn, collards and red pepper. With full fat coconut milk and a cup of brown rice, this beast comes in at about 850 calories! Needless to say, there was no need for dessert tonight;)

MrPeskyRunner decided to join me in the salmon eating at lunch time, AND he had scrambled eggs for breakfast (as well as his usual cup of muesli). He used to think eggs were really unhealthy and never really liked fish. He's trying to put some weight on so I have been helping him with suggestions for plenty of protein. Today he got to over 3300 calories (128g protein), although when we're at home this is much easier. We also did an upper body workout with the new dip station and pull up bar:)

Today I ran for the first time since last Wednesday, and despite the hacking cough, I banged out a paced run (I'm aiming for at least 7:20 min/mile for the 10k in three weeks)- today's pace over 3.8 miles was 6:49min/mile. So proud! I've been looking finishing times for last year, I would need to get 40 minutes to be in the top 10 women, don't think it's going to happen, although with 43-44ish minutes, I will probably finish in top 20, which is pretty good for my first real 10k.
Pretty good day!!
And I'm off again tomorrow. We are running around the race course in the morning to get a feel for it and to try and work out MrPeskyRunner's target time.

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