Thursday, 31 March 2011

Helloo Vitality

I can't say for certain what it is, but I feel fantastic the last few days. Some of the possible contributing factors:

Setting up a standing workstation (instead of sitting at work)

Doing dead hangs, deep squats and couch stretches (hip flexor) after work

Not running

Paleo diet (although I'm doing a pescetarian version with a little dairy still everyday)

My cravings seem to be melting away! The first day I was a bit hungry, especially in the afternoon, but my hunger seems much more normal now. I don't crave sugar/dessert after my dinner, I don't stuff breakfast into me if I wake up ravenous, but take time to drink some warm water, and then dabble in the fridge, and just eat to sate me. I started this month giving up refined sugar, and I got hooked- now I've taken it a step further, and I'm committing to a sugar *and* grain free diet for now- I think perhaps going grain free seems a bit radical but my tummy has been so well behaved this week, not a whisper of bloat, gas, discomfort. It's amazing really, that I can eat so much veg and not be full of gas!

Some recent meals:

Last night's dinner and today's lunch (today with grated raw carrot rather than kale)-quorn and pepper coconut curry

Treated myself to dessert to use up some grown rhubarb (stewed with some honey to take the bitterness off), whipped heavy cream

Breakfast- grapefruit, leftover whipped cream, tinned salmon (I ended up keeping the egg for later as I was already full)

Dinner- grated zucchini, sauteed in olive oil, topped with a beaten egg and chilli powder and left it set up in the oven, with my breakfast egg, some mature goat cheese and hot sauce

A bite of 90% choco to finish the day:)

I've been snacking on almonds, berries and the odd banana. My caloric ratios are about 50fat:27carb:23protein (I'd get the carb a bit lower if I ate a little less fruit but I'm rather attached to my breakfast fruit dose and daily banana).

My two most visited sites at the moment:

That's all for now folks! I'll keep you updated with my paleo/primal experiment and increasing my bodyrocking instead of running so much.

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  1. Doooood!!! I totally have a stand-up work station too!!! How awesome is it? It's perfect for IBSsers; we don't have to feel all heavy and bloatastic while trying to work. I love that you use your trainer boxes to set it up!

    Glad to hear that removal of grains has helped! Did your doctor explain why? Possibly could it be a Blood Type diet thing?

    Your yogurt eating has inspired me to have it now and again. Thanks for opening us up to new possibilities!!!