Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Pizza fuelled pacing run

Phew, I am tired today. I was back at work after two days off this week, and two last, so lots of catching up and we're short staffed. Not only that, when I got home I was determined to pace myself over 5k. I looped the park around the corner from me twice, exactly 5k and did it in 22:10min, 7:20min/mile pace and it was hard going- I stopped for a bit after the first loop just to let my heart rate drop a wee bit. Into the last kilometer I really struggled to keep the pace up, and I know I started too fast. Next time I pace, I'm going to start much slower! I used a poster tube as a substitute for a foam roller after my run as my calves felt really leaden, and they're fine now. No running tomorrow though, just some light strength training.

I did start my day well though, with a take on Ashley's choc cherry smoothie- mine was a small banana, 1/2 cup frozen cherries, 1 cup unsweetened soya milk, 1T cocoa powder and 1T oat bran.
In MrPeskyRunner's Grand National glass.

I snacked on an apple and a small slice of seeded toast with PB, and lunch was a repeat of yesterday but I hadn't as much rice left. I snacked on a PB stuffed banana in the afternoon, and tonight was a lazy Quorn fillet and a hummus topped baked potato. Oh, and half a jam doughnut...yeh, there was sugar in there. It was a treat from my boyfriend so I didn't want to be rude.

Oh, I forgot to say, we had socca pizza last night- socca baked (lots of oregano in the batter), then flipped onto a baking tray, topped with tomato passta with garlic, Quorn pieces, green pepper and cheddar cheese. Sooo goood. Even nicer with arugula and goat's cheese though.

Well, I am off to my bed!


  1. it won't let me post responses all the time :( it says 'error' a lot when it's processing... any ideas???

    anyway, i wanted to let you know that yes, my weights are the same set i've had for 5 years- no plate additions, nothing! i simply sub-in some more bodyweight exercises for a few weeks and then go back to weights-only sessions. supersets with weight/ bodyweight exercises are good for working the body but without killing it!! stimulation not annihilation ;)

    you know about i think? otherwise, this is FANTASTIC, try this was the one i used when taking a leap from running all the time and training with weights (got a bit addicted to runners high but was petrified i'd lose my cardio fitness if i cut back)


  2. Hi Vivoir, I've no idea why that's happening...I'm not very good with web stuff! The only thing I can think of is that when I first hit 'publish' for this post I'd forgot to add the title, so edited to add it in and then has to 'publish' again, not sure if that might be it?
    I had seen mentions of Bodyrock on Pure2Raw but never clicked the link, then recently I was googling for a recipe for healthy banana cake and found Zuzana's protein banana cake, saw the workouts and have started using them, although I have only managed to fit two a week into my routine, but once I have this 10k over in 2 week's time I'm going to devote more time to bodyrock, I just love it- I think the bodyrock high is more intense than runner's high! I've actually cut my time out on the road while training for this 10k and seen better results.
    Thanks for the advice on the weight, I think the 52kg set will keep me challenged for some time, in combination with bodyrock.