Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Today I learned...

...that hand whisking socca batter after Bodyrock and then another 40 min of weights is not very easy! I gave up and got out the stick blender, haha.

I threw a handful of oats into the socca batter to give it a bit more body and a little sweetness.
Topped with a heap of spinach, chopped wheaty sausages and very spicey passata, yum!

I did the You Push Me workout, with the beginner variation for the reptile push up and I did knee raises holding the couch and the radiator while I wait for my dip station to arrive, excited! Yes, I ordered a pull up bar, dip station and Gymboss! When I was doing this workout, the clock I had propped up on the mantelpiece fell over and broke...can't wait for my Gymboss to make Bodyrockin' easier and I can't wait to use it for HIIT running and aquajogging (in a waterproof case of course). The workout was great, tough but not impossible with the variations. My left arm is a lot weaker than my right so I find full push ups impossible. I am doing more reps on the left arm when I lift to try and equalise things. After a 5 minute cool down, I did stability ball chest flies, LOADS of sit ups, stability ball push ups, bicep curls and lunges and squats with the dumbells, as well as mixing it up with high knees and sumo squats, about 40 mins of that. Swwwweatee!

The no sugar challenge is going well, banana stuffed with PB is my saviour snack when I'm craving something sweet!

Other sugar free desserts:

Toast topped with cocoa powder blended with PB:

Fage yogurt, banana and cocoa powder:

I am loving cocoa powder right now:)

I had this yummy breakfast at the weekend:

Sugar free cereal soaked in OJ, a clementine, a banana and a heap of set yogurt. *Love* banana+orange.

I will be a better blogger with week because I'm off tomorrow and thursday. I intend to bake grain free bitter chocolate cake with a sweet potato I baked on sunday night and also the Twins Lemon Coconut bar.

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  1. I've been wondering what would happen if you threw oats or some other type of flour in socca... thanks for your experiment! :)